Accurate Job Cost Management is essential in ensuring the profitability of your business – MYOB Greentree gives you the tools you need to effectively manage job cost.

Ndevr applies our 20 years of experience and the MYOB Greentree Job Cost Module to help our customers improve the effectiveness of job management, achieve greater visibility and control over project costs, deliver efficiencies and drive greater revenue and accountability.

Advanced Job Cost Management

Job Cost Management is critical to the profitability of your business and understanding the true costs of doing business.
Advanced Job Cost Management further enables your business to boost its job management effectiveness and deliver expanded levels of control for projects costs, revenue and accountability.

Managing the prepayment of invoices and the ongoing draw-down during the life of each job ensures invoicing is clear to the customer and reduces the risk of errors and fraud by providing full invoice audit trails.

Having invoices automatically validated with estimates helps notify staff of variations before they escalate further and provides greater control over costs and pricing.
Revenue can automatically be calculated based on percentage completion and be recognised as it is earned during the life of the job helping with cash flow and income projections.
There is also the option to use retentions to calculate the value to claim up to a specified maximum. This allows for the retention amount to be included as revenue for the job and placed on hold to be reclaimed after applicable warranty and defect liability periods are satisfied.

Greentree Job Cost Management – Advanced Features

Greentree gives your business the agility it needs to respond to customer needs more effectively and profitably than ever before.
The Advanced Features of the Greentree Job Cost Management module is a key tool to enable your organisation to get the visibility and financial insight you need to take the lead.

Greentree empowers your organisation and managers with the tools to define and view real-time job status and profitability for ultimate efficiency and cost controls.

  1. Pre-paid invoicingManages the pre-payment of invoices, so that outstanding balances are carried forward against a job until the pre-paid balance has been consumed.
  2. Recalculate prices on timesheetsMeans you can change the rates on labour already entered on timesheets and recalculate the selling rate before invoicing.
  3. Audit job invoicesHighlights any changes that have been made to existing invoices and proformas.
  4. Validate job invoice total against estimatesProvides a warning when you create an invoice that exceeds the total estimated value of the job.
  5. Estimate variationsAllows you to manage job estimates as one ‘master’ estimate. This is a collection of all estimates per job, so that estimates are variations of the master.

Ndevr Expertise

We help our customers by providing a business system that delivers vital information to drive business performance and assist you in making sound, fact based decisions.
Our experience working with all types of customers, including manufacturing businesses, professional service organisations, and service organisations, demonstrates the positive impact of effective job cost management across production, sales, service, operations and finance.

In next weeks EDM, we’ll cover 10 Key Job Cost Features. In the meantime, if you’d like more information on Greentree or Ndevr, please contact:
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