Streamline Your HR and Payroll Processes With MYOB Greentree

HR Processes MYOB Greentree

An area that many companies want to streamline is Payroll and HR processes, and management.  As organisations grow and expand they can quickly outgrow the capabilities of their Payroll & HR Management systems.

MYOB Greentree provides a comprehensive suite of management tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function.  The modules and capabilities include:

  • Payroll
  • HR Management
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Development
  • Leave Planning
  • Health & Safety

Ndevr has assisted many organisations to implement Greentree and have found that customers are particularly happy with the positive impacts on HR and Payroll as well as the administrative cost savings they achieve.

Greentree Streamlines Payroll and HR Processes

An effective and accurate payroll is critical for business.  Aside from ensuring employee satisfaction through on-time and accurate pay, businesses are exposed to important compliance requirements for leave, overtime and penalty rates, superannuation, as well as payroll tax and reporting obligations that must be met.

Recently, increased regulatory focus on ensuring that employees receive all their entitlements has led many organisations to question the accuracy and robustness of their systems.

The Greentree Payroll module provides both reliability and a fully integrated and streamlined payroll process.

Automatic Calculations of Payroll and Leave

Greentree automatically calculates pay entitlements from the original employment contract as well as the template and transaction types defined for each employee.

In addition, Greentree also provides an interface to easily handle and process manual adjustments if required.

The outcome is having confidence in your systems, knowing that you’ll pay on time and correctly.

Management & Statutory Reporting

The system provides ready to use templates that cover all the necessary tax and superannuation reporting to meet Australian standards and regulatory requirements.

There is also a comprehensive library of reports which aid organisations in their analysis and management of their HR and payroll costs and functions.

Need more insights? – you can customise and create reports to suit your specific requirements.

Leave Management & Processing

Controlling and managing leave entitlements is a common headache for organisations – especially where manual or paper based systems are used.

Greentree enables HR managers to easily manage and report on all forms of accrued leave by setting user-definable rules for each type of leave.

Depending on your business requirements, you can define rules for leave at a global, contract, group or individual level.  This provide the flexibility to keep the management team informed of leave entitlements as well as highlighting any team members who have excessive accrued leave so that this can be proactively managed.

The system also has set templates to produce individually tailored leave statements to ensure staff and management can verify the entire leave history and current entitlements at any point.

Electronic Records Management

As in other modules, Greentree provides easy to use electronic records management that enables important documentation such as contracts, resumes, sick-leave certificates, qualifications & course completion certificates to all be stored in an employee file for quick and easy reference.

Set templates are provided to enable the management of employee records and details with the ability to customise to match your business requirements.

Data Security

Employee information is highly sensitive and needs appropriate protection. Greentree protects your sensitive data with a powerful and highly flexible security structure.

Organisations can set access rights not only to functions, but also right down to individual employee data.

In addition, Greentree also provides an interface to easily handle and process manual adjustments if required.

Key Benefits Of Streamlined Payroll and HR Processes

Across the entire HR & Reporting suite, Greentree provides benefits including;

  • Have confidence in your systems, knowing you’ll pay on time and correctly
  • Meet all regulatory and statutory reporting and compliance requirements
  • Reduce paper files: key documents can be stored in the system
  • Build an accurate employee / candidate database to find the people you need for any position
  • HR planning and analysis will be more straightforward and accurate
  • Manage professional development and employee advancement
  • Search capabilities enable you to match the best skilled candidates and employees to roles
  • More effective team development and management

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