Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Reasons To Migrate To Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

It’s time to migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the world’s leading cloud infrastructure, with Ndevr.

Ndevr have been working with Oracle Cloud since its inception and the evolution of Oracle’s cloud technology has continually outperformed other major cloud providers. Key features such as continuous performance tuning, automation of backups, automation of configuration and patching, and autoscaling, come together to serve the customer with an Enterprise Cloud service that never goes down* and reduces administration of the cloud environment by as much as 90%.

*“Let me close with a note that I’m going to paraphrase from a very large telecommunications company who uses our cloud and all the other three North American clouds — Google, Amazon and Microsoft,” Ellison said. “And the note basically said the one thing we’ve noticed about Oracle, Oracle’s cloud, is that it never ever goes down. We can’t say that about any of the other clouds. We think this is a critical differentiator.”  Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Oracle

Proactively Lowering Your Cloud Infrastructure Costs

The low monthly cost associated with the Oracle Cloud provides an almost immediate return on investment and access to all the product suites.

In addition, only Oracle offers a rewards program that proactively reduces your Cloud infrastructure costs. For every dollar spent on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), you earn $0.25 in Support Rewards which can be used to offset the cost of your Oracle Support up to 100%. While unlimited License Agreement customers earn $0.33 in Support Rewards for every dollar of OCI consumption.

Support Rewards can be used to reduce the cost of your technology support bill for products on the for products on the Oracle Technology Price List, up to 100% of their value.

Security For Your Cloud Applications By Default

Reduce your business risk and reduce your development risk with Oracle Cloud. Supported by one of the most secure networks on the planet, your systems and data are managed efficiently, with built-in contingency.

Oracle Cloud is a fully-integrated secure cloud solution, that provides comprehensive functionality to support business information requirements across all key industry verticals and organisational functions.

Cloud Infrastructure Your Way

From public, to hybrid, to cloud@customer, Ndevr utilises Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to support customers throughout their digital transformation process.

Only Oracle offers such a wide and flexible range of deployment options for Enterprise IT Cloud environments, including support for multi-cloud strategies.

Upgrade and Migrate to OCI

Ndevr has successfully provided upgrade and migration services for customers looking to take advantage of the benefits offered by running Oracle JDE on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We’ve also been providing Oracle Cloud for new roll-outs, enabling organisations to take advantage of the full suite of services and the benefits they provide.

The Benefits Of Running JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud

JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Watch this webinar on demand to learn about the benefits of running JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and how to reduce your costs with Oracle Support Rewards.

Webinar JDE on OCI

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