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JD Edwards Mobile Applications

User friendly, easily customised, low code/no code, out of the box mobile applications for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Access a wide range of proven out of the box mobile applications for JD Edwards, that allow for easy customisation within a low code/ no code platform. As Oracle announce the sunsetting of the JD Edwards Mobile Applications framework, Ndevr are excited to be able to deliver world class Mobile Applications for JD Edwards from AtomIQ.

  • Access JD Edwards from any mobile device and improve the pace of your business.
  • Reduce the wait time for purchasing decisions and delegations.
  • Supported on Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Easy To Use Mobile App Development Platform

DI Studio

AtomIQ leverages the Data Integration platform, DI Studio, with pre-built templates for JD Edwards customers. This handy tools delivers Enterprise customers the ability to access their JD Edwards data within the application.

By accessing information from a single platform all business use cases, such as HR, Warehousing, Finance etc are catered for.

Native Mobile Interface

With mobile dashboards & visualisation all natively available features, such as pull down to refresh, share, download, scrolling, swiping and other mobile navigation features provide a rich end user experience on both iOS and Android with less time required for end users to learn.


Users can receive push notifications from the application server and notifications can be configured based on user preferences.


Users can personalise their quick access settings, with favourite dashboards or specific records flagged as well as cosmetic preferences such as the ability to switch between bold or light themes.

JD Edwards Mobile Applications Available Out Of The Box

There are more than 50 JD Edwards Mobile Applications that are ready to use out of the box right now, plus you have the power to effortlessly create additional applications for your end users using the low code/ no code design studio platform.

Below we have listed some of the most popular pre-built ready to use mobile apps.


Purchase Order Approval

View, respond, accept and reject orders in a single click.

Expense Management

Enter expenses and integrate with underlying applications.

Update Lease Status

View and manage or update leases and lease status on the go.

Purchase Order Generation

Trigger purchase order generator & improve inventory management.

Release Held Order

Release orders held due to credit hold, margin order hold, partial order hold etc

Purchase Order Approval Mobile Application For JD Edwards & NetSuite

Ndevr has partnered with AtomIQ in order to bring customers one of the most sought after JD Edwards mobile applications, the Purchase Order Approval App.

The AtomIQ PO Approval app provides customers with a user-friendly easy to use, mobile native interface that allows users to easily view, respond and take action on purchase orders.

Delays in the procurement process can have a significant impact on the flow-on of projects and other tasks. Mobilising this process makes the process faster and simpler for purchasing staff. You don’t have to wait for approval and delegations to take place in the office.

Create POs, manage vendors, track purchases and simplify purchasing while saving time and money by reducing the waiting time for purchasing decisions and delegations.

The smart, adaptable, mobile-friendly user interface platform allows you to view and use JD Edwards on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Mobile Applications For Both JD Edwards and NetSuite

Supporting our customers across the Enterprise and Mid-Market Enterprise, we have found a mobile application solution that is compatible for customers using any ERP system, but most importantly it suits the needs of our existing JD Edwards and NetSuite customers.

Easily Customised Mobile Applications

Leveraging a low-code / no-code platform called DI Studio, which enables users to build apps for Mobile devices, Web browsers & Chatbots with zero coding.

Seen as a gateway to attended automation, DI Studio can help build any front-end layer to enable end users to trigger or invoke automation tasks when specific events happen or at a scheduled time. Users can also manage and monitor automation scripts.

JD Edwards Mobile Purchase Order Approval Application Key Features

  • Approve or Reject Requisition or Purchase Orders
  • View Attachments
  • Export PO detail to Excel
  • PO Approval Analytical Dashboard
  • Upgrade PO Approval Process using AtomIQ Workflow Engine
  • Push, Text & Email Notifications
  • Simplified Communication with Originator, Supplier & Planner

Benefits of Mobile Business Applications

  • Accelerate productivity with instant purchase order approval
  • Offline mode for challenging locations
  • Optimise purchase approval backlogs
  • Integrates with both JD Edwards and NetSuite
  • Reduce procurement cycles with proactive notifications
  • Simple and elegant mobile native end user interface reduces end user friction
  • Gamification to boost user adoption

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