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JD Edwards ERP Support, Upgrades, Implementation and Training

Ndevr is the largest and most highly referenced JD Edwards ERP services partner in Australia. Providing end to end JD Edwards consulting services, our people each average over 20 years of hands on experience with the JD Edwards system.

With services that encompass Oracle licensing, development, upgrades and training, to customers across all key industry verticals, our people support you to effectively drive significant business improvement projects, such as low code citizen development, robotic process automation and integration of the industrial internet of things.

Our JD Edwards services include:

  • JDE Implementation
  • JD Edwards Upgrades,
  • Tailored JDE training services – including Orchestrator training,
  • Development,
  • Integration for all versions from XE to the latest release,
  • Cloud Migration (Oracle Cloud and Agnostic)
  • Highly skilled consulting resources
  • Managed services and support
  • Code currency for JDE 9.2
  • JD Edwards CNC

We directly employ the largest and longest serving team of Oracle JD Edwards consultants in Australia, who are working to continually deliver digital transformation, while supporting our customers growth and development.

Oracle’s JDE ERP software is a comprehensive, integrated suite of ERP applications that delivers significant business improvements across all key business functions.

Integration Options for JD Edwards

Essential Reading Before Any Oracle JD Edwards Integration Project

7 Methods to Integrate JD Edwards ERP. Learn about the leading integration options for JD Edwards XE through to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2.X

JD Edwards Managed Services

JDE XE to 9.2 - Maximum Performance

Delivered by a highly skilled, local helpdesk, our tailored JD Edwards Managed Services include CNC to Performance improvement to problem resolution. Covering all versions, including World.

Learn How To Use The Orchestrator

Get Orchestrator Training For Your Whole Team!

Hands-on interactive training in JDE Orchestrator for everyone. A comprehensive course that provides the knowledge, proficiency and confidence needed to initiate Orchestrator projects immediately.

Code Currency for JD Edwards 9.2

Oracle’s continuous updates for JDE 9.2 (Release X) mean customers no longer need to worry about ERP upgrade projects that were needed every 3 to 5 years. If we consider a quick list of the the benefits to Oracle’s JDE customers, such as reduced IT costs and access to new features as soon as they’re available, then upgrading to 9.2 is clearly in your best interests.

Once you’re on 9.2 you’re able to maintain control over which updates to apply and how quickly they’re applied to your instance.

Why You Should Maintain JD Edwards Code Currency

Lowering the cost of your Enterprise IT systems is an ongoing challenge, and maintaining code currency helps your organisation to continually reduce costs through game changing tools such as the JD Edwards Orchestrator. It also gives you rapid access to sales enhancing tools such as the recently released address book map, while also ensuring you always have access to the latest in Oracle security.

Ndevr’s Continuously Code Current service for JD Edwards 9.2 customers is a low cost service that allows you to:

  • adopt Oracle’s JDE updates to a predictable, pre-planned schedule
  • reduce risk
  • reduce disruption to your business
  • continually improve your system through removal or retirement of customisations.

Our experience with JD Edwards 9.2, combined with automation tools reduce the effort and cost involved in the management of your system and has been shown to reduce man hour time spent by as much as 85%.

Shifting JD Edwards To The Cloud

As JDE customers upgrade to JD Edwards 9.2, many also evaluate the benefits of moving on-premise apps to Oracle Cloud so that they can take advantage of the additional features available, such as the autonomous database, elasticity and otherwise improved flexibility. Particularly with Oracle there is the additional benefit to Australian customers of cloud@country, ensuring data sovereignty including with Disaster Recovery requirements.

Shifting your JDE environment to the cloud can simplify the cost and complexity of managing and maintaining your ERP infrastructure.

Ndevr have delivered many referenceable Cloud Migration projects as well as upgrade and migrate to cloud projects for customers. These projects are not confined to Oracle Cloud, we also have referenceable customers for whom we have managed the migration to other vendor cloud environments as well.

Try Australia’s Most Referenced JD Edwards Consulting Team

Our depth of strong referenceability across many industries means everything to us and it should mean a lot to you. It means we are trusted to deliver on our promises, trusted to manage business critical systems and trusted to provide highly skilled resources.

Most of our consulting team have in excess of 20 years experience with the JDE System and significant Oracle and Third Party enhancing products, such as ReportsNow and RF Smart, as well as significant industry based experience.

“It’s been around a decade since Ndevr delivered the last major JD Edwards (9.1) upgrade for Vita Group, and thanks to the new continuous delivery model of JDE 9.2, we have the option to keep the platform up to date going forwards at a pace that suits our business, and we avoid the need for major upgrades”

Justin Maskey


“This project epitomised teamwork and partnership. It is a testament to Ndevr, the commitment of our own finance function led by the strong sponsorship of our CFO and the endeavours of our own IT staff that they were able to execute such a complex set of project deliverables in parallel in such a tight time frame.”

Andrew Fox

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The Benefits Of Deep JDE Experience

We have repeatedly proven to customers the value of experience in the delivery of our services. Experience results in better proficiency, efficiency and effectiveness when performing tasks for customers – which almost always leads to cost savings for our customers.
Experience also means that our people are able to apply remarkable problem-solving skills as a result of their deep understanding of various industries and the specific challenges our customers face. They are also able to think laterally about issues and offer more than just the text-book way to resolve problems.
We have proven our integrity, our track record of successful projects and depth of referenceable customers, some of whom have been using our services for over a decade, is testament to both our capability and integrity.

Why Industry Leaders Love Oracle JD Edwards ERP Software

Oracle’s JD Edwards system is widely used by many of the world’s largest industry-leading manufacturers, real estate corporations and companies operating in the construction, supply chain, and distribution industries.

With deployment options for public, private, or hybrid cloud deployment, it can also be run on-premise. As a JD Edwards consulting service and partner in Australia, we recognise the needs some organisations have for flexibility and hybridisation of deployment as well as the need for greater control over your own systems.

JDE is one of the few ERP systems that allow maximum control over both deployment and configuration, as well as giving you a measure of control over the rollout of product enhancements in your environment.

Oracle release incremental product enhancements and security updates to JDE customers every 3 – 4 months, as part of the continuous delivery model, which eliminates the need for large scale ERP upgrade projects. By utilising our JD Edwards continuously code current service clients can apply updates and enhancements in the time frame that suits their business.

Oracle’s continuous delivery model for JDE means customers no longer need to budget for the cost and disruption of major ERP upgrades every 3 years. This continual delivery model also ensures customers are able to take advantage of product enhancements as soon as they’re available, which provides exceptional assurance that their JD Edwards investments are protected against future technology changes.

Because JDE software and systems are covered by Oracle’s industry-leading Premiere Support Policy, customers can confidently strategise and invest in:

  • Digitisation
  • AI
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Automation opportunities.

These include what is available right now and into the future, knowing that as a technology industry-leading vendor, Oracle will continually enhance their core ERP and accounting software.

Understanding The Value Of Oracle JD Edwards ERP Modules

Our team enable you to realise the full benefit of Oracle’s comprehensive suite of industry leading business applications, because most of our team have been immersed in a range of industries for decades. We are able to provide advice around business processes and best practices to maximise efficiency of your operations, leverage maximum opportunity for Robotic Process Automation, and maximise the depth of functionality available to you in the software.

Covering all business functionality requirements with exceptional, industry-leading, depth of functionality across manufacturing, financial management, Real Estate and Facilities Management, Construction and Engineering, Agriculture and Viticulture, Asset Management, and HCM.

Ask About Our JD Edwards Consulting Services

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