NetSuite ERP

Get NetSuite ERP To Benefit From Smarter Business Processes

NetSuite ERP is now being implemented and supported by Ndevr. We’re excited to have extended our partnership with Oracle through becoming a NetSuite ERP partner. NetSuite is the world’s #1 Cloud-built, industry-ready solution.

By leveraging Ndevr’s deep industry and financial management software experience, your company can modernise faster and make smarter decisions with NetSuite ERP software. During your Ndevr NetSuite implementation, your business is effectively realigned to your industry’s leading business processes and practices, which streamlines the financial and operational management of your business.

We have delivered Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), business reporting, cloud and technology solutions to Australian and Global businesses for over 20+ years.

NetSuite ERP provides you with real-time whole of business reporting,  executive dashboards and sales intelligence, giving you the information you need to make effective and faster business decisions.

The Ndevr team are highly experienced across numerous industries, with backgrounds in Manufacturing, Wholesale/Distribution, Logistics and Supply Chain, Engineering and Construction, Financial Management, Real Estate & Facilities Management, FMCG industries, and Import/Export operations.

We have successfully delivered leading business practice-based solutions to many of our clients, whose goals were to streamline operations, scale up their business without taking on more headcount, optimise their resource and asset utilisation, and achieve maximum value from their technology assets.

How NetSuite ERP Streamlines Your Business Processes

Financial Management System Buyers Guide

The 10 Essentials of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

If spreadsheets and workarounds are the norms for your finance department, it’s time to upgrade your financial management operating system. You can propel new efficiencies and streamline processes with the right software.

Profit Strategies For Manufacturers

How Do You Prevent Today’s Job Becoming Tomorrow’s Loss?

This report looks at how manufacturers can get a closer grip on the metrics that matter and provides three ways to improve margins. Gaining insight in real-time gives you the ability to improve system functionality.

No More Complex Spreadsheets

Is your small business accounting software creating problems?

If manual processes, out of date & error-riddled month-end reports are taking too much time and effort, this can readily be resolved – and maintained in an orderly way with the right enterprise resource planning software.

Get Ready for NetSuite ERP “Out Of The Box” Tailored Industry Solutions

As a NetSuite Partner for Australia, our objective is to get your company realising ROI from your IT investments as fast as possible. We achieve this by ensuring your software is industry-ready out of the box, with industry-leading business processes baked into your software.

If you can imagine using an industry ready ERP solution straight out of the box – Ndevr can have you up and running with your NetSuite ERP software investments within just 100 days.

All analyses include core financials, delivering comprehensive functionality of revenue and expenses, items and inventory.

Financial Management Dashboards

Get value from Day 1 with NetSuite’s pre-built reports and pre-configured roles, so executive dashboards are ready to use, with your data, straight away.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Advanced Cost & Expense Administration
  • Fixed Asset Accounting
  • General Ledger

Advanced Manufacturing

Get information from your production facilities regardless of location while supporting a short term execution and long-term strategy.

  • Financials, Planning & Budgeting
  • Order & Production Admin
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse & Fulfillment
  • Procurement & HCM

#1 Wholesale Distribution

The #1 Enterprise Resource Planning Software of choice for wholesale distribution businesses, flexible enough to meet distribution needs of most industries.

  • Real-time view: customers & orders,
  • Real-time view: items & inventory
  • Fully-integrated omni-channel handling
  • Reduce Obsolete Inventory Costs
  • Fast ROI

NetSuite ERP Support

The power and depth of the NetSuite system can sometimes overwhelm users who are new to your business, or who migrate internally to new roles and suddenly find their dashboard and role based level access to the system has changed. These functional knowledge gaps can result in staff trying to achieve data based tasks outside your system which introduces risk to your business.

Now you can access a local support team for your NetSuite ERP system, ensuring your team have access to the functional and role based support they need.

Supporting companies whose NetSuite systems were implemented recently or many years ago, our support services can be accessed with a simple phone call that reaches a real human as well as through a dedicated support portal. Often support related issues are a result of lack of system knowledge, which is why we also provide train the trainer and small group (remote or in-person) training, as well as configuration and business process review services for recurring support issues. Ndevr also provide functional support for roles or modules.

NetSuite ERP HealthCheck

If you’ve been working with your NetSuite ERP for several years you will have noticed a lot of new features and functionality getting added to your system, but you might not know how to leverage those updates to the advantage of your business.

Many NetSuite customers find it challenging to implement all the technological enhancements that become available to them in the form of vendor updates. Companies that have been able to stay on top of NetSuite update notices and review existing business processes against product enhancements have been able to leapfrog competitors using exactly the same technology, simply through adopting advances to existing processes, such as automation improvements.

Our NetSuite HealthCheck service is a free introductory consultation service where we  work with you to evaluate where your business is against the technological goals you have for your business.

We provide you with a comprehensive report that will give you the information you need to determine what your next steps need to be in order to reach those goals for your business.

An essential component for any existing NetSuite customer trying to deliver on an internal digital transformation exercise.

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