Shifting Your Business To The Cloud

Shift Your Business To The Cloud

The Benefits Of Shifting Your Business To The Cloud

Shifting your business to the cloud has never looked more appealing to those struggling to operate throughout ongoing lockdowns and issues with staff needing to isolate or work from home.

However, the benefits of cloud environments go far beyond simply working remotely.

A shift to an ERP in the cloud will give you;

  • Remote access for your administrative workforce
  • The ability to automate many administrative and financial process tasks
  • A single integrated suite of applications that give your team a single role based view of data and reports
  • Reduced business risk

What’s Involved In Shifting Your Business To The Cloud?

Ndevr has a tried and thoroughly tested methodology for shifting your business to the cloud. From the use of data templates to ensure capture of the correct and relevant data that needs to be migrated, setting up your financial records, establishing documented processes for your business and training your team.

The process of shifting to the cloud is faster and easier than you might be thinking.

At every stage we try to minimise the impact to your business and your team, so that they are still able to keep your business running throughout the project.

How Do You Know Its Time To Shift Your Business To The Cloud?

The limitations of small business accounting systems, point solutions, spreadsheets and the old ways of doing things have never been more apparent to many businesses than right now.

The ongoing threat of work from home orders on your office staff, coupled with fluctuations in critical supply chains, surging demand for staff and so on actually mean that shifting to a cloud system that meets these needs while giving you the ability to forecast and model different scenarios on your business has never been more imperative.

If your attempts to automate certain business processes are resulting in a complex “applications hairball”, rife with manual tasks and bottlenecks, increasing risk from errors, and damaging your customers experience.

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Why You Should Shift To The Cloud With Ndevr

Ndevr has a solid reputation as a trusted partner in the delivery of integrated business solutions and support to mid-sized and enterprise customers across Australia and New Zealand.

We provide cloud based business systems and solutions that do what they promise, delivering the outcomes our customers expect from their software. We pride ourselves on delivering a superior level of service with training, documentation and ongoing support to improve operational efficiency, deliver cost savings, and drive business growth.

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of AI and Robotic process automation, to migrating your business to cloud based applications, or even wondering about how to set up a hybridised cloud solution. All of our people have been working with Enterprise IT systems for over 20 years.

Our team is unique in that we don’t employ juniors. Our consulting team’s maturity and depth of experience across multiple industries ensures the availability of a wealth of knowledge for customers to leverage to their advantage.

We maintain strategic partnerships with several vendors, ensuring we only deal with world class business systems.



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