Scanman AP Automation

Webinar: Introducing ScanMan A/P Automation For JD Edwards

ScanMan A/P Automation Beats Out The Competition

Ndevr is incredibly excited to be the only partner in Australia able to bring you Scanman A/P Automation for JD Edwards: having been enthusiastically embraced by JD Edwards users in the Americas and across Europe, Scanman is now available to JD Edwards users in Australia.
Scanman beats out the competition in all of the following areas:

  •  Cost and time to ROI
  • 100% Embedded within JD Edwards, out-of-the box solution,
  •  No integrations or customisations required
  •  No additional investment in OCR required.
  •  An Oracle Validated Integration, so it stays in sync with your JD Edwards Applications and Tools Release and never outgrow your investment

Watch The ScanMan – Ndevr Webinar On Demand

Watch the ScanMan – Ndevr Webinar on demand. ScanMan is an incredible product that is capable of delivering up to 70% return on AP Processing, with no integrations or customisations required.

Watch Now - ScanMan - Overview Demo

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