Environmental Accounting And Reporting

Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting

Capturing data from your finance department without duplication of effort or time, Oracle Environmental and Reporting is a module that simply adds one additional field of data for your finance software to capture. You don’t need spreadsheets to capture, record, manipulate or report on your environmental data. You can manage everything from a single system – that you already use, that is already being supported by your internal or external Oracle support team.

Manage Environmental Reporting Obligations Easily

With 100% of your emissions generating consumption captured, your ERP system can automatically apply the relevant calculations leaving you free to define and automate the reporting parameters. Oracle’s Environmental Accounting and Reporting software captures 100% of Environmental Data within the ERP. (JD Edwards and E-Business Suite).

This module eliminates spreadsheets and double entry of invoices and purchase orders because Environmental Accounting and Reporting of the single extra field that is added to your Oracle financial applications. The seamless automated capture of all the data you need to complete your environmental reports is so simple and so quick – it is used by some of Australia’s largest emitters with complex scope 1 and 2 emissions footprints. Environmental accounting and reporting can even capture and report on scope 3 emissions and other things you might to reports against, such as water consumption, fugitive emissions, or employee volunteer hours.

By capturing the volume [of water or fuel], the kwh [say of energy], automatically, at the point if invoice entry, you can even track, trace and efficiently report on things such as fuel consumption, and its use across all the different types of vehicles used across your business operations.


Environmental Accounting and Reporting


Oracle’s Environmental Accounting and Reporting Was Originally Developed By Ndevr 

These JD Edwards and E-Business Suite modules for environmental accounting and reporting were developed by Ndevr for our customers, who were facing the challenges associated with reporting against the NGER’s act. The IP for these modules was acquired by Oracle in 2012 and subsequently rolled out to both Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle JD Edwards systems with zero code remediation. Ndevr also received a reference from Oracle’s Senior VP, Jon Chorley for our development and implementation work. 

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