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ERP Training & Change Management

ERP Training and Change Management

Training To Support High End User Acceptance  & Adoption of Your JD Edwards, NetSuite or MYOB Advanced ERP Systems

Ndevr’s ERP training methodologies, and end user acceptance testing processes ensure exceptionally high end user acceptance of your ERP implementation or upgrade project  assuring your long term success.

The implementation of an ERP system involves not just the learning curve associated with a new system, but also requires your team to train in the new business processes that will ensure they are completing the tasks associated with their role at optimum efficiency.

It is essential for businesses to undertake training and change management, most especially when processes change, but also when the structure of the business changes, or when new systems are implemented within the business. Not taking this step during your ERP implementation, or other ERP project, increases project and business risk. Failing to account for the effective management of business change can lead high levels of staff dissatisfaction, low levels of end user acceptance or take up of any new system, or staff trying to achieve the tasks of their day by working outside your new system.

Ndevr’s complete range of ERP consulting services utilises a proven approach for change management that has been embraced by many clients. Our change management and training approach involves the establishment of open communication channels, collaboration with your team and strategic advice to your leadership team, ensuring that we deliver an end-to-end solution that is aligned with the objectives of your individual business.

4 Elements To ERP Training & Change Management

There are four primary elements to our approach, with each element able to be scaled out to form a comprehensive plan of action. With each engagement, Ndevr provide templates for all the components, and teach you our methodology along the way.

Ndevr consulting services is flexible in consulting assignments that can range from managing the complete change process through to providing the templates and training needed to apply them in your business.

Post ERP Implementation Training Delivers Improved Outcomes

End user training towards the end of your ERP implementation project plays a significant role in ensuring the rapid adoption of your new software and processes immediately upon “Go-Live”.  Ensuring the team of people who will be interacting with your new system understand how things connect together, what their role based dashboards enable them to do, how to switch between roles – or why they would, where to access first line help, or where to go for IT Support, are all vital components to your projects success and the adoption rate of your new software.

Our approach is completely flexible, while remaining lean, efficient and most importantly – highly effective. From train the trainer, to in person off-site classroom style hands on education, to remotely delivered one to one or small group training, to tailor made “How to” video production. Our training enables faster uptake of new software and processes and is adaptable to suit the needs of your existing staff as well as the training of staff that are new to your business.

Training is included as part of each ERP implementation project and includes the provision of full training documentation and, where relevant, completion certification.

Proven Approach To Change Management For Business Process Change

Whenever a new business system or business process is introduced there is a period where there is a need to ensure that all affected staff are not just made aware of the changes, but are trained in how the changes may impact their day to day tasks.

For most members of your team, the implementation of a new ERP system may mean they have considerably less work to do, they may not need to log in to multiple systems to generate a report, or  a new business system may have involved the automation of some of their day to day tasks. While understanding the benefits that the changes bring will be exciting and a major relief for many members of your existing team, it might not be fully embraced by every member of your team as they will see the changes as a threat to their job security, or will simply like the old way of doing things.

Effective change management is an essential element in for this situation, as the more your team are included in the process the more likely it is that everyone will be excited for the “Go-Live” date. The more likely it is that the change will be embraced your team and the more likely it is that your team will see the opportunities for themselves and their roles that are likely to come about as a result of the changes.

Ndevr assists customers with change management as part of our implementation services.

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