Business Automation

Business Automation

Business process automation and the industrial internet of things means that transformation is taking place at an accelerating pace all around us. All forms of Robotic Process Automation and the Industrial Internet of Things are facilitating massive boosts to business and industry productivity, on a scale that has previously only been imagined. The advent of mainstream and accessible AI tools is now promising to generate a another massive boost to productivity while the combination of Automation and AI promises to cause widespread disruption.

Ndevr can help your business take advantage of all the opportunities and scalability that automation promises to offer, from the automation of your business processes using robotic process automation, to the industrial internet of things. Your automation strategy need only be limited by your imagination.

Automating Your Business

Business Process Automation

From simple data transfer processes, such as a web form into an ERP system to processes that are highly complex, such as inter-company transactions and accounting processes.

Automation reduces opportunity for error, saves time, and vastly improves personnel productivity.

Ndevr’s people have substantial experience in the implementation of business processes automation strategies while helping teams overcome the barriers to change.

Industrial Internet of Things

Automation of the shop floor with IIoT technology and your ERP is achieved with the addition of integrated Operational technology (OT), such as sensors, scanners, and robotics that can connect to the internet either via wi-fi or bluetooth – sending and receiving (and responding to) information.

Ndevr can help you successfully bring together OT (operations/ asset technology) and IT, with systems that are infinitely scalable, and able to connect with OT quickly and securely without interruption to your processes or workflow.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation, or RPA, will lead the way in the next wave of business cost reductions.

Extending beyond processes, RPA includes machine learning tools, such as chat bots, that interact with humans, continuously learning from and responding to information, even able to complete role based tasks such as procure to pay or exception handling.

Ndevr’s team can help you with an wholistic review of roles, systems and processes, with a view to facilitating your RPA strategy.

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