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Vita Group Harness JD Edwards 9.2 On Premise, To Automate Business Processes and Improve Productivity.

“We’ve been working with Ndevr for many years, and they understand that business impact is clearly something that needs to be avoided. As they’ve done this for us before, and delivered several 9.2 upgrades for other customers, they were able to provide a clear upgrade path with complete risk mitigation, plus they understand our business and the software really well. So, we went into the project with confidence that disruption would be minimised.”


JD Edwards Innovation Week – An Overview

A huge thank you to Anne Thiele, Ndevr’s Solutions Specialist, who sacrificed many hours of sleep to bring you all a much needed run-down of the JD Edwards Innovation week. One of the topics of the JD Edwards innovation week was around moving to the Oracle Gen 2 Cloud. Oracle is moving their JD Edwards