Shifting JD Edwards From On-Premises To The Cloud

Shifting JD Edwards from On Premises to Oracle Cloud

Shifting your Oracle JD Edwards on-premise to the cloud was a central theme to this years Quest JDE Conference.

The overarching message is that its easy to do and a lot of companies have done it. We concur of course, having shifted many customers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – as well as to other cloud environments, and even from 3rd Party Cloud to Oracle Cloud and Oracle Cloud @region.

This article gives a short run down of the noteworthy Cloud sessions.

1. Stairway To Cloud Overview & Workshops

Presented by Sue Shaw.

Sue discussed how to structure an ERP project to move to the cloud and promoted a series of workshops being run over 5 weeks that she is running with Quest.
Run over 5 weeks, you can learn more here

However as with most events we want to attend that are run through Quest, these workshops are being held while most of us Antipodeans are asleep, so we have taken it upon ourselves to produce a local version for JD Edwards users in Australia. While they won’t be hands-on workshops, they will still contain the information you need, they will also be available on-demand. We will have more details out in coming days.

2. Build Your On-Premises To Cloud Business Case

Oracle Services Custom ROI Analysis

Crafting your business case for shifting your on-prem environment to the cloud can be a lengthy process, so its worth noting that Oracle (and us) can help you with this.

Every JD Edwards customer can have an in-depth colourful business case and analysis completed at no charge for any type of on-premises to cloud migration project.

3. Optimise Cloud Migration Projects With A Shortened Time To Value

Oracle Accelerate Cloud Transitions Program

The Oracle Accelerate Cloud Transitions program is a flexible program that packages your implementation and SaaS subscription fees.

The advantages are that you can;

  • Align financing with project deployment milestones.
  • Simplify budget approval process.
  • Preserve capital for other key business priorities.
  • This is a limited-time program designed to defer your implementation costs and spread them over 3 to 5 years, so that the ROI is more palatable to finance. The program is customizable according to the needs of individual customers.

Ask us more about how to take advantage of this offer.

There is also a new cloud migration community forum on the oracle website.

Oracle Cloud Migration Community Forum

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