oraacle support rewards


Oracle are making it easier than ever to make the shift to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) by crediting the cost of consuming more OCI to software license renewal & support costs. The OCI Rewards program, outlined by Oracle on the 22nd of June 2021, is designed to help on-premise customers make the switch to the Oracle Gen 2 Cloud.

How Does OCI Support Rewards Work?

For on-premise technology licensed customers who have been considering shifting to the cloud this is an attractive offer.

For every dollar spent on OCI, you earn $0.25 in Support Rewards which can be used to offset the cost of your Oracle Support up to 100%.
Unlimited License Agreement customers earn $0.33 in Support Rewards for every dollar of OCI consumption.

Support Rewards can be used to reduce the cost of your technology support bill for products on the for products on the Oracle Technology Price List, up to 100% of their value.
(Referring to an oracle tech price list here, see if your product is eligible https://www.oracle.com/assets/technology-price-list-070617.pdf)

There are of course terms and conditions that need to be met the main one being that your OCI contract needs to be “new” and is a Universal Cloud Credits (UCC) order, not a PAYG order.

Are You Eligible For Oracle Support Rewards?

Customers using Oracle’s on-premises software support become eligible for Oracle Support Rewards when they enter a new Universal Credits order and begin consuming Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

How Do You Accrue Oracle Support Rewards?

As OCI services are consumed, customers accrue Support Rewards to apply as a form of payment, to any open invoice for on-premises support of Oracle Technology Programs.

Will you only accrue rewards for Oracle Software or Workloads?

No. Any workload on OCI can accrue rewards. Paid consumption of any eligible OCI service running Oracle software, custom applications, ISV applications, and so on can earn rewards.

What Is The Process For Claiming OCI Support Rewards?

  • At the end of each month, Oracle calculates the redeemable amount based on usage against a UCC OCI order
  • The user has 30 days to go to the OCI cloud console and ‘redeem’ that reward which then adds it to a pool
  • The reward pool has 12 months to be consumed
  • When you get a maintenance renewal, you then go through a process (that at time of publication we are still to observe the details of) whereby you apply up to 100% of the pre-tax renewal amount from the reward pool. This is not automatic.
    • GST will always have to be paid.
    • You can only apply this to renewal invoices that are < 30d past due date.
  • You then must pay the difference


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