Maximising Opportunities Presented By The JD Edwards Orchestrator

JD Edwards Orchestra Business Process Automation

The JD Edwards Orchestrator is what everyone loves to talk about of course, who can blame people? In a word, its brilliant! From enabling integration, to process automation on steroids, to facilitating the elimination of JDE customisations, you name it, the Orchestrator can probably handle it.

This is our second article reflecting on the recent Quest conference and is dedicated to highlighting the sessions that were focused on the JD Edwards Orchestrator.

1. Business Process Automation With The Orchestrator, Use Cases

Everyone loves Business Process Automation use cases! This session was from Indian/US Partner, RST Solutions, they reviewed some real-world use cases and they’re broken down here by industry and by department:

Orchestrator: Business Process Automation Use Cases By Industry

  • Change order request (client submission)
  • Materials Purchase Requisition
  • Change Order Request (Project Manager)
  • Design Drawing Access
  • Order to cash
  • Request for quote
  • Inventory tracking & equipment request
  • Return to work questionnaire
  • Certificate of completion
GovernmentOil & Gas/ Energy
  • Building Permit & Inspection
  • Contract Approval Process
  • Pet License Application
  • Public Notice Requests
  • Business License Renewal
  • Field Service Management
  • Enterprise Asset management
  • Mobile Work Order
  • Fleet management

Orchestrator: Business Process Automation Use Cases By Department

  • AP/AR Automation
  • Expense Management
  • Month End Close
  • Vendor Management
  • Budget Transfer Request
  • Sales order automation
  • Materials request and tracking
  • Work order automation
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Service dispatch request
Human ResourcesIT
  • Employee onboarding/off boarding
  • Employee vacation submissions
  • Employee evaluations
  • Employee files
  • Inventory tracking & equipment request
  • IT help desk request
  • Software Change request
  • Network Access request

2. Practical Ideas To Transform Your Business With The Orchestrator

If there was ever a reason to upgrade to the latest release of JDE, getting your hands on the Orchestrator probably stands alone as the single most valuable reason.

In this presentation, Canadian partner Syntax took viewers through 5 more ideas to transform your business that can be achieved using the orchestrator;

  • Updating Exchange Rates using API
  • Mass Approve/Post Accounting Batches
  • How to only receive notifications for critical watchlists
  • Clearing HTML server cache from E1
  • Create header/detail transactions using a CSV file via FTP

Associated with these ideas you may also find the following documentation from Oracle to be useful:

  • 2715942.1 How to Process multi-level Array from .csv File – using Object Type Input Variable
  • 2345190.1 Orchestrator and Database Connection / Connector
  • REST API for Server Manager Guide

Details on all of these can be found here:

3. The Orchestrator Assertion Framework And SwifTest By DWS

SwifTest from DWS has been enhanced to work with orchestrations and the assertion framework.

Ask us more about this if you’re interested. Ndevr are the local Australian partner for DWS and SwifTest.

4. Using The Orchestrator To Integrate JDE With Salesforce Using Boomi

Texan based JDE customer Hillwood, delivered a presentation explaining how they used the Orchestrator to integrate JD Edwards with Salesforce using Boomi.

Sending 25000 to 30000 records through Orchestrator in batch mode with no issues, though advised that they had to use a single threaded job queue so as not to miss any records.

In real time they send up to 100 records from Salesforce to JDE with no issues. As soon as the record is added in SalesForce, it calls the integration.

Data flow from JDE to Salesforce is handled within a minute. They said it simply depends on how quickly you can read the records from JDE.

They said their orchestration developer is an integration guru and did not know JDE at all. He says it took him about 30 days to learn Orchestrator to the level that he could develop these interfaces.

Challenges & Lessons Learned:

Clearly defined requirements are the key to success.

Get The Ultimate Guide To JD Edwards Integration

Ndevr have produced an integration guide which covers 7 different methodologies you can use to integrate JD Edwards including architecture diagrams. This is freely available for download.

JD Edwards Integration Guide

5. JD Edwards Orchestrator Roadmap By AJ Schifano

Facilitating process automation streamlining user interfaces and enabling Digital Transformation. The Orchestrator has been a major hit.

AJ went through various use cases for orchestrator. He also showed the Orchestrator road map:

JD Edwards Product Roadmap 2022

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