Testing Automation

Automation For JD Edwards Testing

Implementing JD Edwards test automation strategies can improve all aspects of your test outcomes; from the development of test scripts through to test execution, results analysis to defect monitoring.

Increasing the level of automation of your JD Edwards testing processes will lower your costs because automation reduces the amount of time and effort spent in the testing phases of your projects – while simultaneously reducing your IT project risk and generating better overall results for your business with improved accuracy and test quality.

Automating processes wherever possible makes good sense and automation of the JD Edwards testing process is no exception. The benefits are clear:

  • Reduced risk of defects or bugs
  • Elimination of human error or short cutting
  • Ensure consistent quality
  • Test faster and more frequently

JD Edwards and Continuous Delivery

The continuous delivery model of JD Edwards 9.2 means new features and product enhancements are rolled out with nearly predictable regularity. So far Oracle have pushed out enhancements and updates 3 – 4 times every year since the release of JD Edwards 9.2 in 2015.

Unlike pure SaaS ERP products (such as Oracle NetSuite or MYOB Advanced), users of JD Edwards have more control over when and how they will rollout newly released features and enhancements. This benefit also means that these customers should test the impact any new features and enhancements will have in their environments prior to just rolling things up to their live or production environments. For example, there may be impacts to existing modifications or the ability to retire modifications (which we recommend whenever possible).

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DWS Global Testing Automation Tools

Ndevr are official resellers in Australia for the DWS Testing Automation Suite of Products for JD Edwards

DWS JD Edwards Testing

DWS Dimension SwifTest™

SwifTest™ could dramatically reduce time and effort involved with functional testing, with savings of up to 60% during test execution and savings of up to 70% achieved during the creation and maintenance of test scripts.

A dashboard driven solution, Dimension SwifTest™ has a simple to use interface that supports non-technical users create, edit, schedule and execute tests. Despite it’s simplicity, SwifTest™ delivers extreme visibility into test activities, allowing test managers to view test progress, results, and complete forensic analysis of the details.

DWS Dimension Focus™

Designed for modified JD Edwards sites, Dimension Focus™ allows you to refine your testing efforts to the objects affected by changes brought about by ESU’s or the continual release of JD Edwards enhancements.

Dimension Focus™ allows users to zone in on precisely what needs to be tested as changes are released, right down to the tiny details. For example; a changed application may have 25 sections/forms that appear to require testing. Dimension Focus™ will throw a spotlight on the sections that have actually changed while zoning in on the details of change within those sections, potentially saving you from many hours of testing effort in advance.

JD Edwards Test and Test Automation Services

Ndevr can provide test management certified staff for your Oracle and JD Edwards projects, incorporating System and Integration Testing (SIT),  Performance and Load testing, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT), with any pre-testing staff training taking place prior to the commencement of testing.

Our people can also implement or train your team in the effective use of JD Edwards Test Automation tools.

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