Testing Automation

JD Edwards Test Automation

Automated testing for organisations that rely on Oracle JD Edwards improves all aspects of testing, from test script development to test execution, results analysis to defect monitoring.

By automating the testing process for JD Edwards you improve the quality and accuracy of your test efforts while also reducing your effort and time spent on the testing phase of any project. Automation ensures you have a consistent and reliable testing methodology that produces better outcomes for your business.

Automated testing also reduces the risk of any bugs making it through to your production environment, because the human elements of boredom, fatigue, or presumption and overconfidence are eliminated and testing is run with the exact same level of thoroughness everytime – faster and more often. Automation assures that testing is never fast tracked or shortcut to meet project deadlines.

JD Edwards and Continuous Delivery

With the release of JD Edwards 9.2 Oracle heralded a new future for JD Edwards ERP users due to the continual and regular rollout of new features and enhancements. This represented an almost “devops” approach to the delivery of Enterprise ERP system that is still able to be deployed by corporations in the cloud, on premise or through a hybrid model.

Unlike pure SaaS ERP products (such as Oracle NetSuite or MYOB Advanced) users of JD Edwards are able to control when and where they will rollout newly released features and enhancements, which means that they also want to ensure they test precisely what impact new features and enhancements will have in their environments prior to just rolling things up to their live or production environments.

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