Low Code/ No Code Process Automation

Low code no code process automation

There are many low code- no code tools available these days and we firmly believe that if they’re not already forming part of your IT strategy, you should be seriously considering the low code/ no code development platforms at your disposal.

Low Code application platforms present opportunities for significant productivity gains and speed of project delivery benefits. Gartner have estimated that by 2024, 75% of large enterprises will be using at least four low-code development tools for application development, possibly responsible for more than 65% of application development activity within the enterprise.

Low Code/ No Code Process Automation Platform Examples

The JD Edwards Orchestrator is itself a low code/ no code development platform enabling process automation for your citizen developers and business analysts, your team may require JD Edwards Orchestrator Training to use it proficiently – which we can help with.

While we cannot provide an endorsement some other platforms you may wish to look into include:

  • Ephlux
  • Betty Blocks
  • K-Rise Easy Process, which was featured at the Quest conference.

Modernising UX With JD Edwards Low Code/No Code Frameworks Instead Of Customisations

Using the extensibility framework in JD Edwards Release 22, you can say goodbye to traditional clunky customizations, increase productivity, simplify the user interaction, capture additional data and add business logic to meet your changing business requirements without the costs associated with customizations.

Oracle’s Quest session on this topic showed how easy it was to customize JD Edwards on the glass by using the extensibility framework and showed the extensibility road map:

JD Edwards Extensibility Frameworks roadmap

Low Code/ No Code Workflow Modelling In Orchestrator Studio

The workflow modeler on the glass in Orchestrator studio is a user-friendly tool that gives you a comprehensive view of a Workflow and its associated tasks.

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