Streamlining Sales Order Fulfilment For Wholesale Distribution

Sales order Fulfilment NetSuite Wholesale Distribution

How Wholesale Distribution Businesses Can Improve Customer Relations With Streamlined Sales Order Fulfillment

Customer satisfaction and retention is crucial for businesses operating in the wholesale distribution industry, your customers need confidence that orders will be fulfilled correctly, on time and visibility into the shipping of their orders. With this in mind we’d like to show you how alignment of your businesses processes to the wholesale distribution industry’s leading practices can help to improve sales, increase operating margins and grow your business.

How Technology Can Support Wholesale Distributors

With an edition designed specifically for companies running a wholesale distribution business, NetSuite for wholesale distributors is an out of the box solution designed to help you grow your business while operating at maximum efficiency by aligning your business with the wholesale distribution industry’s leading business practices.

The NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Standard edition has been purpose-built based on NetSuite’s experience with many thousands of distributors and includes deep functionality to support supply chain planning and inventory management.

Coupled with the ever-critical functions of procurement and fulfillment, all aspects of a distribution business tie back to your financial backbone, giving real time feedback into the health of your business.

Streamlined Sales Order Fulfilment For Wholesale Distributors Webinar

Learn more about the benefits of streamlined sales order fulfilment and how NetSuite supports your business to deliver an exceptional sales order fulfilment experience for your customers.

  • Integrate with shipping partners
  • Automated shipment confirmations
  • Easy dashboard access to outstanding tasks
  • Pre-built workflows
  • 100s of reports out of the box

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Business Growth Achieved With Improved Sales Order Fulfilment

NetSuite customer, Craftmark, realised that their growth was being hampered by data silos and a lack of application integration. A wholesale distribution business supplying high quality leather goods for international fashion brands, manual processes coupled with poor data visibility were the cause of their growth stalling.

With NetSuite they were able to address customer demands, launching their own brands with sales and fulfilment driven through an ecommerce platform. NetSuite enabled them to deliver on great customer experiences through the ability to ensure stock availability and speedy sales order fulfilment across all sales channels.

With integrated systems and streamlined business processes, Craftmark estimate they have reduced the time spent on creating SKU’s and issuing purchase orders by up to 75%, as well as now having real time visibility and business insight.

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