JD Edwards Integration Guide (7 Ways Explained In Detail)

JD Edwards Integration - The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate JD Edwards Integration Guide

JD Edwards users have never before been faced with such a range of JD Edwards integration options and methodologies, which now include options for JDE citizen developers.

This guide, compiled by our own Maureen Gunn, who was a member of the original Denver JDE Development team, covers a wide range of different methods currently available to JDE users. The JDE Integration guide provides details for each of the major methodologies as well as an outline of the architecture – and use case scenario for which the methodology is best fit for.

The JD Edwards Integration Methodologies Covered In The Guide

Exploring 7 Different methodologies for integrating JDE with e-commerce websites, RFID systems, the industrial internet of things, third party applications, SAP integration and so on.

Ndevr have been integrating JD Edwards since the release of JDE XE. We are also the team that developed the Ndevr Integration Suite which is still relied upon today  by many companies using older versions of JD Edwards because it allows for seamless integration between JDE and their e-commerce sites or third party applications and bluetooth or internet enabled devices.

For companies using the latest version of JD Edwards we provide training in the use of the Orchestrator and for more complex Enterprise to Enterprise integrations we have provided details for use of the Oracle Integration Cloud which we have used to successfully integrate JD Edwards with SAP.

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JD Edwards Integration Guide

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Ndevr’s team have deep experience with every methodology outlined in this document, and have been integrating JD Edwards with other ERP systems, internet applications, web enabled devices, and so on, with every version of JDE since JD Edwards XE.

We are the largest and most experienced JDE team in the Australia/New Zealand region and we deliver JDE projects globally.

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