Integrate SAP and JD Edwards Using Oracle Integration Cloud

Integrate JD Edwards and SAP Seamlessly

What is Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)? How It Works & Why You’d Use It To Integrate JD Edwards + SAP.

Are you are looking for a way to achieve seamless integration between JD Edwards and SAP. Many large organisations, use numerous ERP systems to manage their operations. With incredibly complex IT strategies, massive budgets, and the endless (devops) loop to ensure your business end users can operate efficiently, with the correct data, wherever they happen to be located, it’s a wonder that CIO’s get any sleep at night.

A few months back, Ndevr wrote a substantial white paper on the current integration methodologies available to JD Edwards users to achieve real time integration, which covered the technologies and scenarios in which you would apply the 7 methods outlined, however there is one particular scenario that keeps coming up, and that is how to integrate SAP and JD Edwards.

What Is Oracle Integration Cloud?

This is where Oracle’s Integration Cloud (OIC) stands out. Oracle Integration Cloud is a subscription based service or platform on which you can design and run integrations and processes, and monitor them. It allows interaction with web applications or enables you to perform BPEL based processing that can call other integrations.

OIC includes a number of adapters that have been developed to send and receive event messages, from and to, not just Oracle’s products (JD Edwards, E-Business Suite, Oracle Cloud products), but also other enterprise systems such as SAP, ServiceNow and Salesforce. The SAP Adapter is one of many predefined adapters included with Oracle Integration. You can configure the SAP Adapter as a connection in an integration in Oracle Integration.

How Does Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) Work?

There are application adapters for many ERP, human capital management (HCM) and customer experience (CX) solutions. If a specific adapter for a specific product does not exist, but they expose web services, then either REST or SOAP adapter can be used. These are configured using sample JSON, XML files, etc.

The adapters mask the underlying complexities and automatically sort out the differences among the various protocols required by each application vendor. This is especially valuable if you are trying to improve cross-departmental or division processes, approvals and exception management processes.

Learn about the full SAP Adapter Capabilities

OIC includes sample integrations, recipes, process flows and a visual drag-drop application builder so developers can design process automation, or build mobile and web apps quickly and easily.

Additional Technical adapters allow interaction with Oracle WebLogic JMS, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, etc, plus ‘Social’ adapters that allow interaction with Trello, Twilio, Facebook, Microsoft Calendar, Microsoft Contacts, Microsoft Mail, SurveyMonkey and MailChimp, to name a few.

Plus, there is also a 3rd party developer marketplace where you can investigate and purchase additional adapters.

Integrate JD Edwards and SAP

For JD Edwards, the adapter provided with OIC, communicates with JDE business services.

However, using the OIC REST adapter, it can also be used to create a connection to a JDE Orchestrator orchestration that interacts directly with the JD Edwards database or an existing (or custom) application form.

An OIC integration can then, from a single event in another system or JDE, orchestrate multiple transactions in JDE and / or other systems, utilising either JDE Orchestrator or JDE business services using either the JD Edwards or REST adapter.

From a browser, OIC integrations and processes are designed in a graphical point and click environment. Users choose their integration end points and then map by clicking and dragging from available source elements to the integration end point. The design environments include error management and messaging. Tracking information must be defined in each integration for the purposes of monitoring.

Integrate SAP & JD Edwards Using Oracle Integration Cloud
Integrate SAP & JD Edwards Using Oracle Integration Cloud

There are multiple types of integration: app driven orchestration (includes BPEL process flow), scheduled simple file transfer, publish from apps to OIC Publish/Subscription Channel and subscribe to messages from OIC Publish/Subscription Channel.

Oracle Integration Cloud – Integration Monitoring

OIC provides administrator monitoring dashboards that include message in-flow failure rates and other metrics, with drill down for root cause analysis, allowing review and resubmit of errored transactions.

OIC runs on Oracle’s secure enterprise grade cloud infrastructure and each tenant has their own dedicated environment.

Ndevr have been integrating JD Edwards with pretty much everything since XE. For many years we used our own Ndevr Integration Suite product to achieve real time integration of JD Edwards with the outside world.

Ndevr Has Integrated JD Edwards and SAP Using Oracle Integration Cloud

Ndevr have delivered some incredible integrations for customers for over 2 decades, but nothing has beaten the Integration events that we have developed for customers using Oracle’s Integration Cloud.

Using OIC we’ve delivered seamless integration of messages, events and data between Oracle Cloud Applications, ServiceNow, SAP and JD Edwards.


Delivering Seamless Integration Across Multiple ERP Protocols While Ensuring Data Privacy Is Maintained.

We’ve enabled our customers to integrate their systems with their external customer SAP systems, sending events, messages and required data in real time, whilst ensuring seamless service delivery without breaching service and data privacy agreements.

Oracle Integration Cloud can unify systems and data across multiple ERP systems.

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