Oracle Field Service Cloud – Optimal Workforce Utilisation

Achieve optimum utilisation of your workforce with the Oracle Field Service Cloud (OFSC).

From the moment a task is received, OFSC applies AI and machine learning to ensure you get the right resource to the right place, with the right equipment in optimum time – whilst simultaneously deconflicting task assignments against employment and union agreements, duty hours, currency of qualifications, equipment  availability, or any other criteria required.

That same technology also ensures you have a clear picture of operational reality, and facilitates rapid re-routing and scheduling when situations arise such as employee illness, duty hours conflicts, traffic jam’s, or other localized emergencies.

Oracle Field Service Cloud covers:

  • Tasking, Routing & Scheduling
  • Conflict resolution (for example against EBA’s, Hours Worked, Qualification issues, Resource Calendars)
  • Qualification & tracking (qualification) Currency
  • Forecasting & Capacity planning
  • Employee and customer communications

Oracle Field Service Cloud delivers considerable ROI for resource intensive industries, with high levels of scheduling, qualification and equipment related conflict management to overcome, such as medical or aged care environments, skilled construction & engineering, civil services, mining, or oil & gas industries.

Key Industries

  • Engineering & Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Rail
  • Field Technician Intensive
  • Emergency & Civil Services
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Defence
  • Aviation

Ndevr Deliver the Largest & Most Complex Implementation of OFSC to Date

Providing savings in the 10’s of millions of dollars for our client, Ndevr have successfully delivered the Southern Hemisphere’s largest implementation of Oracle Field Service Cloud to our client.

With deeply complex currency and qualification requirements for both contracted and direct employees, geographically spread across hundreds of locations.

Ndevr have also integrated OFSC, using Oracle Integration Cloud PaaS, across the clients Enterprise Application Infrastructure and with external Enterprise Applications.

Active Deconfliction

Assign tasks, schedule and route both equipment and resources with live deconfliction against resource & asset calendars, qualifications and currencies, equipment status and schedules – such as planned maintenance, Enterprise agreements, resource or asset service hours.

So if you’re trying to schedule a resource to do a task 5km’s away, but the equipment they need is 10km’s away, or their qualification to undertake the task or use the equipment is expiring, or the equipment is scheduled for maintenance….OFSC produces the alerts and offers the next best alternative resource and asset to undertake the required task.

AI & Machine Learning for Operational Reality

Proven AI and machine learning capabilities enable OFSC to adapt on the fly. Adopting time-based, self-learning, and predictive technology, the foundational technology collects time-based measurements about everything happening in the field. Continually learning how each employee does work – OFSC creates a “work fingerprint” then predicts with 98 percent accuracy when a field event will occur, and how long it will take.

OFSC Routing technology is self-learning, considering every job in terms of the historical time it takes to complete a task, including variables like drive time, and breaks. This presents the most complete picture of operational reality and then personalizes the workday for each field service employee.

Manage Your Resource Pipeline into the Far Future

Are your most versatile or skilled resources winding back their hours next year, or retiring in 5 years, OFSC enables far future scheduling so that you can see resource and asset gaps as they might occur in 1 year, 2 years or more. This enables you to work closely with your hiring and training teams to ensure you continue to meet SLA’s.

Oracle Field Service Cloud Product Data Sheets


Make intelligent staffing decisions, and plan for capacity and future demand, test “what if” scenarios, and use predicted demand forecasting to create long term plan then track future performance against those plans.

Capacity Management

Get true “Operational Reality” insight & accurately determine how much work can be done in a day. Instantly see what resources are available, qualified, and where they are geographically located.

Centrally Managed

A highly visual UI supports rapid, intelligent, job reassignment based on real time availability, location, skills, and asset availability. Get unparalleled insight into the status of your workforce.

Smart Routing

Sreet-level routing uses point to point calculations, incorporating all factors impacting schedules such as equipment replenishment between assignments, traffic jams, and organisation level goals, such as optimising fuel efficiency.

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