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Imagine truly scalable operations that leverage industry leading business practices.

Imagine what your business can become with truly scalable operations that leverage industry leading business practices.

Scale business opers
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Imagine establishing rigor across your financial management and business processes

Imagine establishing rigor across your financial management and business processes, while gaining instant business insight

Insight and Rigour
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Imagine a local team of functional and technical experts who support you

Imagine instant access to a local team of functional and technical experts who can support you through enterprise-wide digital transformation projects

JD Edwards 10 Step upgrade process
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Integrate Systems, Automate Processes & Scale Your Operations with Ndevr IT Services

As a supplier of enterprise management software and consulting services for over 20 years, we integrate, automate and deliver scalable solutions for various industries. Ndevr provides our clients with ERP, Cloud, and Managed Services solutions by delivering business management software in Australia, producing outstanding results.

Our effective handling of growing companies and global enterprise customers sees us consistently delivering with strong ethical leadership. We understand the critical role business management and ERP software has in providing a foundation for the growth and scalability of your business. We are well regarded for our skills and expertise in ERP implementation and delivery for customers using JD Edwards system, MYOB Advanced, NetSuite ERP, and companies shifting to the Oracle Cloud.

Business Management Software In Australia – Transformation, Success & Growth

We strive to go beyond our clients expectations. The focus is on understanding client’s individual requirements and achieving the best outcomes by applying decades of experience, sound advice, and hands-on support.

Our team are widely regarded as the most experienced Information Technology and business consulting team in the region, with unmatched depth of experience across manufacturing, real estate management, construction and engineering, finance, wholesale distribution, supply chain and field service management.

Counted On For Integrity, Maturity & Experience


“The expertise of the Ndevr consultants in both the Oracle technology as well as the environmental management space was an essential component of the success of this project.”



“Ndevr is a partner who is fundamentally different from 90% of the supplier relationships you are going to have. I don’t view them differently from the rest of my staff. There is an honest and openness to the communication and a real desire to fulfil a common goal.”



“Ndevr has been a trusted partner for a long time. They understand our business and industry, they understand our instance of JD Edwards and customisations, and they understand our team”


Our Partners

Oracle Cloud & Field Service Cloud
JD Edwards Australia
NetSuite Implementation Partner
MYOB Advanced Implementation
Scanman Australia
ReportsNow DAS8 Australia

Providing End-To-End Solutions For Any Industry Using ERP Systems

There are fundamental features of ERP Systems that bring your business a myriad of benefits. Using our solutions such as JD Edwards, NetSuite and MYOB Advanced, you can begin to streamline your operations and finances, automate processes and achieve scalable growth. Let go of outdated systems and inefficiencies with tailored solutions that deliver according to the changing needs of your business. Our approachable team is serious about delivering exceptional outcomes with their expert knowledge.

Optimise Field Service Resources

Right person, right place, right equipment, right time! Our Field Service Management solutions, for small businesses and Global Enterprise, maximise and optimise the utilisation of your roving resources, while adhering to complex workplace agreements.

Dramatically Scale Operations

Automate complex time-consuming business processes and integrate an industrial internet of things strategy, vastly increasing business productivity and employee satisfaction, with industry leading automated workflows and robotic process automation.

Streamlined, Efficient Reporting

Fully customisable business dashboard and reporting solutions providing you with rapid business insight. We implement, configure, and support a diverse range of reporting tools with outstanding UX and flexibility for employees to DIY with minimal training.

Australian IT Services & Support

IT services and support delivered by our Australian based consulting team, competitively priced and tailored for your needs. We maintain secure IT and ERP support services with 24×7 monitoring and focus to ensure your system’s operational performance.

Helping Organisations To Achieve Value With Technology

When engaging with our team to leverage the leading business management software solutions in Australia, you will learn how experience ensures your ERP investments are done right and efficiently. Our industry-leading ERP Solutions optimise and streamline your workflows, while our leading ERP and Reporting solutions enable seamless, easy collaboration. Whether you’re looking to improve your foundations for warehouse management, customer relations, manufacturing, finance or any other aspect of business, our software is your solution.

Some Of Our Customers


“Ndevr impressed with both its business development and technical know-how. They were head and shoulders above the other vendors we dealt with.”



“All the Ndevr staff have proven themselves to be absolute masters of their craft.”


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