Reopening Your Business After Extended and Repeat Lockdowns

Reopening your business after lockdown

This article was originally written between Australia – and specifically Melbourne’s first and second lockdown and we felt the need to update this – it is now August 2022.

This content – the whitepaper enclosed – is available to you freely. It contains some useful material for any business reopening after lockdown – or alternatively it may help you to prepare for the opening of a brand new business or manage seasonal fluctuations.

Your Business Playbook To Prepare For Reopening After Lockdown

Ongoing lockdowns in Victoria created havoc for businesses, families, people living alone….you name it. Everyone’s experience was different, and most of those experiences were far from ideal. However, Melbourne has opened up again and while we’re all now struggling with other challenges, businesses trying to rebuild need to assess their situations and formulate a plan.

From your business model to financial health, to the ongoing sustainment and viability of the old way of doing things versus our new reality.

There have been impacts to health and safety, scenario planning and resource management, which means that everything has now changed, from the way your employees move around your warehouse to how many employees you need to roster on and have as backups in case of illness.

Add in the additional challenges associated with supply chain challenges, price rises and interest rate rises. How will you acquire and retain your customers, and how will you package and price your offerings and payment terms?

This NetSuite white paper provides an action plan in the form of a checklist for each area of your business. This is your playbook for what comes next.


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