Business Process Overview

MYOB Greentree’s Workflow & Business Process suite provides businesses with all the tools needed to harness processes to deliver critical information at the right time.

Processes are at the heart of every business and have a strong impact on the results your business can achieve. They can help or hinder the effectiveness of your team, they influence customer satisfaction and retention, and they can dictate the profitability of your business.

Successful businesses harness processes to deliver critical information at the right time, empower their team, improve customer satisfaction, and improve profitability.

So how do they do this?

By automating processes.

Process automation is what MYOB Greentree does best. Your business can look forward to exponential improvements in productivity, profitability and engagement.
Ndevr works closely with our customers and applies our experience to assist in process mapping and improvement as part of our Greentree implementation.

Reach across the organisation

MYOB Greentree’s BPM works across the entire MYOB Greentree product range. It removes the need for complex and costly mapping between discrete systems. This makes it easy to reach into every area of your business from Purchasing through to Sales, Accounts, HR, and Inventory.


Build Processes to match your Business.

Good processes should match your business needs, not the other way around. MYOB Greentree’s flexible BPM enables you to build the right, unique processes to meet your business reality. This ensures processes are consistent and eliminates the potential of damaging human error.


Optimise the Exceptions

MYOB Greentree’s BPM targets the areas that matter to you. You may have one customer who represents a significant part of your business and want a unique process that prioritises their needs.


Make Intelligent Decisions

Workflow displays give you the role-based visibility and transparency. You know exactly what is happening in your business and can make effective, informed decisions.


The Greentree BPM layers

At the core of Greentree’s BPM is Active Desks which gives you the visibility management needs to make effective decisions. Rules and Escalations allow you to identify and manage events as they come in. This includes the events expected to happen and those that don’t.

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The Process Flow Designer is a planning system that allows you to build both simple and complex processes with graphics.


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