Effective HR Management & Recruitment are critical to ensure business continuity and provide for growth.

The management of existing human resources, understanding the future needs of the organisation, planning for the introduction of new members to the organisation, and undertaking recruitment are all functions that benefit from the Greentree ERP system.

MYOB Greentree’s HR Management Suite provides a comprehensive set of tools that form the basis of your workforce planning and analysis and provide for effective and efficient recruitment.

Greentree – HR Management

Effective HR planning and management requires access to accurate and reliable employee data, visibility over the allocation of existing resources, the ability to model expected growth and HR requirements, and the data and tools to manage the ongoing HR needs of the business.

Greentree provides HR Managers with a platform to create accurate and detailed records of employee attributes and capabilities as the foundation of the HR information system.

This single source of truth, coupled with the Greentree reports and the ability to work both in the system and in excel, ensures that HR Managers are able to easily access and use the data.

Using the system, HR Managers are able to;

  • Easily build and access up-to-date employee records
  • Maintain a single source of truth across the organisation
  • Allocate standard job functions to employees
  • Ensure that staff have the skills required to perform their role and job functions
  • Review the organisations skill base
  • Attach reference information to individual records such as drivers license, incident reports, or qualifications and certifications
  • Create detailed organisation charts to show the relationship between roles and functions
  • Conduct skills audits in line with available roles or future job requirements
  • Highlight areas of skills shortages or single point sensitivity for critical job functions
  • Analyse skills data and build teams for special projects

Greentree gives HR Managers the tools to accurately and effectively manage the HR function.

Greentree – Recruitment

In line with the HR planning capabilities, Greentree provides a central point from which to manage the process of attracting, assessing and recruiting new talent.

The system has smart tools that enable skills matching for internal candidates to facilitate opportunities to promote from within, as well as the ability to create a searchable database of prospective external candidates, and manage the entire recruitment process.

The capabilities of the system include dedicated features and functionality across the four key areas of recruitment.

Positions & Definitions

  • Define specific roles and skills requirements including certifications and job descriptions
  • Conduct skills audits to identify gaps or opportunities for more efficient deployments

Recruitment Processing

  • Define the stages required for the recruitment process for a role
  • Ensure that the recruitment process is compliant with your policy
  • Provide an audit trail for the recruitment process
  • Streamline communications and use automated mail merge and bulk email tools
  • Create efficiencies to reduce administrative overheads

Applicant Management

  • Store applicant data including history, education, skills and experience
  • Keep and link records such as resumes and supporting documentation
  • Search and scan applicant data for skill matches
  • Incorporate existing staff in skill searches for new roles and opportunities

Billing & Finance

  • Track recruitment costs and allocate them to the appropriate business area

Ndevr as a Trusted Partner

As a trusted partner to our customers, Ndevr works closely with you and your organisation to provide a smooth transition to the Greentree system.

We provide advice and guidance through the selection and configuration of the system, we have a proven implementation process and offer cost effective packages for full ongoing support.

With experienced senior consultants and a proven track record, Ndevr places an emphasis on making sure the software we provide delivers the efficiencies and visibility that your business needs.

We help our customers by providing a business system that delivers vital information to drive business performance and assist you in making sound, fact based decisions.

For more information on MYOB Greentree or Ndevr, please contact:
Rob Sheldrick – Business Development Manager – rob.sheldrick@ndevr.com.au