Effective Leave Planning and Resource Management

Effective Leave and Resource Management

Effective leave planning and management enables you to manage leave entitlements, approval and reporting processes, while ensuring key job functions are covered. Leave planning and management can become increasingly complicated as an organisation grows.

In a recent example, because their outdated system was unable to provide an aggregate view, the directors of a professional service firm found that a high number of holidays had been approved during a busy period – leaving the business short-handed at a critical time.

MYOB Greentree includes a highly effective leave planning capability that covers:

  • Leave entitlements
  • Leave requests and approvals
  • Leave reporting
  • High-visibility planning
  • Forecasting
  • Mobile HR and self service
  • Personal data management
  • Leave summaries
  • Mobile approvals

Across the many organisations that we have assisted, Ndevr has found that the HR function is able to achieve a significant administrative cost saving through the implementation of Greentree and use of the Leave Planning functionality.

Leave Entitlements

Along with other key employee data, Greentree maintains a single source of truth for leave entitlements.  Greentree enables HR managers to easily manage and report on all forms of accrued leave by setting user-definable rules for each type of leave.

Depending on your business requirements, you can define rules for leave at a global, contract, group or individual level.  This provide the flexibility to keep the management team informed of leave entitlements as well as highlighting any team members who have excessive accrued leave so that this can be proactively managed.

Leave Requests and Approvals

Using the Greentree system, staff are able to view their leave balance and request leave by date, type, and reason.  Line managers are then able to review and approve leave requests – with full access to information such as past leave and entitlements.

Staff will then receive a documented acceptance (or rejection) by email in real time while the system tracks approved leave.

Leave Reporting

Greentree includes built in reports to provide managers with up-to-date and accurate information on leave liabilities, entitlements, requests, and approved leave.  These reports can be customised to provide the exact fields and data that management need.

High Visibility Planning Boards

The system’s planning boards provides real time information on all activities.  This allows for the efficient and simple allocation of tasks with tracking and reporting.  Actions in the field can be monitored via input from mobile devices.


Manage leave liability, plan for business continuity, and ensure that staff are taking leave in line with upcoming requirements with the easy to use forecasting tools.  Managers can forecast what leave their staff will accrue up to any date in the future assisting with resource planning and leave management.

Personal Data Management

Provide the facility for employees to maintain their own information including address, banking, contact and emergency details.

Mobile HR and Self Service

As a proactive and future thinking system, Greentree allows staff to access and maintain their leave and personal records via the web from satellite locations or by using their mobile device.

Leave Summaries

The system has set templates to produce individually tailored leave statements to ensure staff and management can verify the entire leave history and current entitlements at any point.

Mobile Approvals

Managers can also access and approve leave requests via their mobile device – perfect for organisations where managers are working in off-site or in are not in a desk-based role.

Key Benefits

Used for leave planning and management, Greentree provides benefits including;

  • Streamlines leave planning procedures across the whole organisation
  • Provides a single source of truth with accurate up-to-date information
  • Easy to use and manage with self service and remote/mobile access available
  • Comprehensive customisable reporting – from leave statements to management reports
  • Prepare leave forecasts for a visibility of leave entitlements and liabilities
  • Effectively and efficiently manage leave across the organisation
  • Save time, improve productivity, and bank administrative cost savings

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