JD Edwards Innovation Week – JD Edwards Re-Imagined

Lyle Ekdahl

Lyle’s keynote can be viewed in full at the link provided at the end of this article, however if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, please read the following:

Lyle emphasised the need for companies to upgrade to 9.2 to take advantage of JD Edwards innovation. He promoted Orchestrator, Citizen Developer and Mobility. He also reiterated that Premier Support for JDE 9.2 has been extended to 2031.

One of the interesting things to come out of his presentation was the confirmation that Oracle JDE is moving all development to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Lyle made the point that all the new innovations in JD Edwards are not possible if you are on 3rd party support. You need to be on Oracle support to take advantage of updates.

Oracle announced EnterpriseOne Tools Release and Application Enhancements that Drive Business Transformation on April 9th. (Ndevr has covered the Tools Release here) In My Oracle Support, there is a version of this announcement with a link to the ESU for each of the announced features: Announcement with link to ESU by feature

A few customers outlined their experience with JDE as part of this presentation. One I found interesting was: Ford Meter Box: A family-owned manufacturer of waterworks products. Ford Meter Box uses an X-ray fluorescence gun to check alloy content in their products. The gun is connected to a raspberry pi which then communicates with JDE via orchestrations. Apparently, the Orchestrator can actually ‘pull the trigger’ on the gun. So, this has removed a few manual steps out of their process.