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JD Edwards Tools Release and App Enhancements

This is a quick guide to the latest JDE enhancements for users, which go a long way to increase the end users “self” capability, especially for those of us who are driving the automation of businesses processes.

Here we give you a break down of what parts of todays announcement you should be getting really excited about:


Orchestration Debugger – And Embed Orchestrations and Notifications Without a Connector

The JD Edwards Orchestration Debugger is a new feature that will enable you to develop and test orchestrations faster, and more thoroughly.

The new debug button launches an interactive tool that enables you to advance through your orchestrations step by step so that you can see the data values and output along the way, manipulating data for “what if” scenarios.

The ability to add orchestrations or notifications directly as a step in another orchestration, without a connector, also goes a long way to improving ease of use or simplicity.


Call Business Function as an Orchestration Step

Business Function has now been added to the options that can be selected for a custom request.


JDE Mobile Application Strategy – Low Code/No Code

While there are various navigation and form extensibility improvements, the real excitement is the direction of the Mobile Application Strategy, which has taken a big shift towards low-code and no-code design tools that enable domain expert users to create their own mobile application UI based on specifications that connect to Orchestrations.

At the application level, there are a huge range of enhancements provided that are focused on continuous improvement of the end user experience, simplification, and improved productivity. The range of enhancements across the applications is too numerous to cover here, but they cover the following applications: Capital Asset Management, Financials, Grower Management, HCM, Inventory, Manufacturing, Order Management, Procurement, Project Costing, Quality Management, Real Estate, Service Management, and Warehouse Management.

There have also been platform certification updates, legislative, regulatory, and localization updates.

To review the full list of updates and enhancements visit the Oracle website.


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