JD Edwards Innovation Week – Final Words

I’m going to finish this series on JD Edwards innovation week on this note:

JDE 9.2 is the last big upgrade you’ll ever need to do! Oracle has committed to (and consistently delivered) small incremental updates, enhancements and patches to the software every quarter.

They have been delivering on this promise, and JDE 9.2 has continuously evolved since its initial release, to support RPA, Business Process Automation, and low code/no code development by business users.

If you’re on 32 bit, then talk to us now about a plan to shift to 64 bit.

Ndevr can help you with the routine updates that are rolled out with our continuous code current service, which applies the updates at a pace to suit your business, while managing all the testing and management of customisations – and removing any customisations that are no longer needed as a result of new enhancements.

There were many more presentations during Innovation Week that have not been mentioned here. However, they are definitely worth watching if you can find the time. To view them all click here.

All the best – Anne Thiele