JD Edwards Innovation week

JD Edwards Innovation Week – An Overview

A huge thank you to Anne Thiele, Ndevr’s Solutions Specialist, who sacrificed many hours of sleep to bring you all a much needed run-down of the JD Edwards Innovation week.

One of the topics of the JD Edwards innovation week was around moving to the Oracle Gen 2 Cloud. Oracle is moving their JD Edwards development to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

There was significant emphasis on RPA (Robotic process automation) using Orchestrator, and Low/No-Code customisations utilizing Café One, UX One, Forms and Grid personalisation.

Oracle are promoting VBCS (Visual Builder Cloud Services) in conjunction with Orchestrator as a platform for users to build their mobile applications.

One of the big wins of the week for customers, was the announcement that Premier support has been extended to 2031.

Support for 32 bit is on the way out, however no timeframe was given. We have heard rumours that this may be as soon as 2021, so it is probably prudent to have a plan to move to 64-bit.

If you take nothing else away from this week, it would be worth your while to view the two following webcasts from the event:

JD Edwards Product Update and Roadmap

JD Edwards Tools Update and Roadmap

All the webcasts presented through the week can be found here.

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