JD Edwards Tools Update and Roadmap

(Neil Pugh and Jeff Erickson – Oracle)

Neil Pugh and Jeff Erickson of Oracle really focused on that strong message of automation and simplification.

Below is the JDE roadmap to date.

Figure 1 – JDE Roadmap to Date

What’s Planned to come?

Simplification of Development Client:

The plan is to do away with the thick client for development (about the 10 minute mark in the presentation):

  • Thin development client with centralized database
  • Developers can develop anywhere, anytime – access to changes from any client
  • Eliminates mandatory check in and backup
  • Significant reduction in client package build time

Automated Troubleshooting for Kernel Failures (about 11 minutes into presentation): This is already in use internally by Oracle, and they are planning to make it available to everyone:

Figure 2 – Automated Troubleshooting for Kernel Failures

It was pointed out that many of the updates and enhancements here are driven by SIQ requests which can be seen in the Tech SIQ requests image.

Figure 3 – Tech SIQ Requests

As mentioned before, there was a focus on JDE in the cloud, as shown in the roadmap in the following graphic:

Figure 4 – Enterprise Class Infrastructure

Apparently, the Trial Edition (which was likened to Demo Junior and apparently will always be latest release) can be provisioned in 45 minutes. The learning path for this can be found here

You can find a link to the White Paper – Simplify and Automate JDE here

In this presentation Oracle mentioned that there will be a time that Oracle will support only 64-bit. Please get in touch with us if you are on 32 bit, so that we can help you to plan for a switch.

Here are the Road Maps presented in this presentation:

Figure 5 – E1 Orchestrator & Notifications Enhancements
Figure 6 – E1 Orchestrator & Notifications Enhancements

Note: Automated testing is planned for Orchestrator