JD Edwards Software Roadmap – Evolution or Revolution?

The continous innovation/ continuous release model for JD Edwards means that the software roadmap is looking stronger than it ever has before. Oracle has been delivering incremental product enhancements 3 or 4 times a year since the release of JD Edwards 9.2 (now known as JD Edwards Release 22), with each enhancement giving end users better functionality as well as continually more opportunity for process automation.

Oracle’s commitment to JD Edwards is unprecedented by any vendor, with the premiere support model currently stretching out to 2032.

The Continuous Delivery Future For JD Edwards

This presentation delivered at the Quest JDE Innovation week by GSI, made some good points, as shown in figure 1. The shift by oracle towards a continuous development/continuous release model for JD Edwards means that, ultimately, 9.2 is the last “dot” release for a long time.

Oracle have been true to their word, delivering incremental updates and product enhancements every quarter since the release of 9.2.


Figure 1 – JD Edwards Roadmap – GSI

Reducing Customizations With The JD Edwards Decustomizer

They highlighted that within the latest tools release there is a report called Decustomizer Analysis Report. (The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Decustomizer Analysis Report enables customers to identify simple UI customizations to applications that can be replaced by using the more robust personalization and extensibility frameworks. The Decustomizer Analysis Report identifies the customizations done to application objects by comparing the application between two path codes. It supports Tools and Application releases 9.1 and 9.2):


Figure 2 – Decustomizer

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