Reduce your JD Edwards Costs With Release 24

Reduce Your Costs With JD Edwards Release 24

An Easy to Digest Executive Summary Covering the Latest Tools Enhancements in JD Edwards Release 24.

An early Christmas present from Oracle with the announcement of JD Edwards Release 24! We’re going to dive a bit deeper than Oracle’s marketing version to cover the highlights and enhancements that will reduce your consulting costs.

What is immediately apparent is the level of increased automation, across the platform, that’s “out of the box”. In Procurement and in the underlying System automation especially, Oracle have gone all out in automating any process that wasn’t typically customised by customers. Basically, they’ve removed steps in processes that were always there, but are just unnecessary to have.

In our first article covering the enhancements in Release 24 we’re going to showcase the tools enhancements that have the potential to save you money on consulting.

The JD Edwards Update Manager Enhancements

Web Based Impact Analysis Dashboard:

Leveraging the Impact Analysis Dashboard customers gain a comprehensive interface to visualise the impact of patch applications on objects and business processes. Ndevr has been providing an impact analysis service to our JD Edwards upgrade customers free of charge for quite some time, but this may reduce your reliance on your service provider if they weren’t doing that for you previously.

Web Based Enhancements

You can also apply cumulative updates now using the Web Client, and Batch Update through Web Client.

Web based UDC & Glossary Compare/Merge Utility which streamlines the application update process by enabling easy comparison of existing UDC values and Data Dictionary Glossary text with proposed changes in the update.

JD Edwards Automation Continued

Other new system automation enhancements that have the potential to reduce your consulting costs include;

  • Centralised configuration for Enterprise and Integration servers that allows users to set up a default configuration that servers can inherit.
  • Web OMW Object Promote to Package allows for base object types (e.g. applications, reports versions etc) to be promoted to the live package in production without the need for a package build and deploy.
  • Simplified Management of User Logging means that customers can now enable user level logging for all instances in a single place without having to do it at every instance.

Prebuilt Workflow Data Structures

Creating new workflows just became faster and easier with a set of prebuilt workflow data structures which simplifies the process of creating and deploying new workflows. It includes a generic workflow approval process and generic message template which can be copied and modified.

Release 24: Furthering Your Digital Transformation

There are many other digital transformation enabling enhancements such as;

  • The Workflow Monitor has been updated so that admins and process owners can more easily see that processes are running smoothly.
  • Task Tracking is a new feature that allows users to set due dates for tasks that are assigned to recipients through orchestration and notification messages.
  • Notification Reminders have been added, to enhance EnterpriseOne notifications by enabling users to easily set reminders for important tasks or assignments.
  • Another new feature is the Output Stream Access for Orchestrations. OSA enables the Orchestrator Report step to generate Output Stream Access (OSA) output.
  • Users can now use the delimiter of their choice thanks to the User-Defined Delimiter update for Orchestrator Output to CSV.
  • Get a quick start on building workflows with new Prebuilt Workflow Data Structures simplify the process of creating new workflows by providing a set of prebuilt data structures that are suitable for a wide variety of workflows, as well as a generic workflow approval process that designers can copy and modify, and a generic message template.

JD Edwards Security Updates in Release 24

It’s becoming more important than ever to stay up to date with the security of your systems and we discuss this in more detail, covering things such as the interdependency of systems, in a previous article “JD Edwards Security and Platform Enhancements in Release 24

Having said that there were two security enhancements in this latest release;

  • Server Manager REST API for TLS Configuration Automation which provides external APIs for Server Manager, automating a secure configuration between Server Manager Console and it’s managing Agents.
  • Support for LDAP Over SSL Using 2048-bit Certificate, customers can now use LDAP over SSL with 2048-bit certificates which provides enhanced security to LDAP communication and improves the security posture and compliance.

You can see with these enhancements that Oracle have been working hard to enable customers to self-service as much as possible and while it might look like we’d be upset by that, we think the new tools enhancements make it more worthwhile than ever to upgrade.

Ndevr also offers a JDE code currency service, so we can do everything here for you – and most likely for less cost than for a qualified internal resource learn and manage this for you.

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