JD Edwards Engineering Construction Solution

Build Smarter & Faster with JD Edwards: The Ideal Engineering & Construction Solution

An in depth look at the power and flexibility of JD Edwards for the Engineering and Construction industry.

JD Edwards is a global ERP leader in the Engineering and Construction industry thanks to pre-built functionality specifically designed for Engineering & Construction companies.

Covering processes such as project management, cost control, bidding, scheduling, and resource allocation, translates to a fast implementation and low customisation costs.

Meanwhile the user-friendly interface of JD Edwards is easy for end users to navigate through, especially for non-technical users, while it can scale well to accommodate the needs of both small and large Engineering & Construction firms.

For companies operating internationally, Oracle delivers a wide range of localisations, while the Orchestrator makes tasks such as Automating processes and Integration with other applications, a breeze.

JD Edwards Makes the Management of E&C Business Processes Easy

The business processes in Engineering and Construction (E&C) unique to that industry are especially and exceptionally well managed in JD Edwards;

The Project-centric approach of the Engineering & Construction industry revolves around temporary projects with defined lifecycles necessitating processes tailored to:

  • Project initiation and scoping: Defining project goals, requirements, budgets, and timelines.
  • Design and engineering: Translating requirements into detailed plans and specifications.
  • Procurement and contracting: Sourcing materials, equipment, and labour at competitive rates.
  • Construction execution: Managing workflows, resources, and risks on-site.
  • Progress monitoring and control: Tracking performance against plans and making adjustments.
  • Quality management: Ensuring construction adheres to specifications and standards.
  • Safety management: Prioritizing worker safety and minimizing hazards.
  • Project handover and closeout: Delivering the completed project and finalizing documentation.

JDE Streamlines Joint Venture Management Through Automation

Also common across the Engineering & Construction industry is Joint Ventures.

Joint ventures necessitate the need for joint venture management within your ERP or accounting system, which is often highly complex. Often however, you can easily automate joint venture accounting processes within JD Edwards.

There is a dedicated module for joint venture management within JDE and Ndevr has delivered several information sessions on joint venture management within JD Edwards, with and without Oracle, as well as detailed information about what is included in the JDE Joint Venture module.

JD Edwards E & C Demo Reveals Powerful Capabilities.

In this JD Edwards demonstration, Anne Thiele has effectively demonstrated how brilliant JD Edwards is for companies operating in the Engineering and Construction space, showing how easy it is for end users to achieve tasks like;

  • Making progress payments
  • Managing expenses
  • Job Cost Management for Joint Ventures
  • Job status inquiry
  • Time entry by employee

Engineering & Construction Mobile Apps For JD Edwards

To support Field based operations, end users must have access to relevant mobile applications, something Ndevr has long recognised, and recently partnered with AtomIQ specifically to deliver seamless mobile applications for JD Edwards.

Some out of the box JDE Mobile Applications for E&C companies include

  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Supplier Receipts
  • Requisition/ Purchase order entry
  • Asset Management

JD Edwards: Excelling in Critical E&C Processes

Other Engineering & Construction processes that JD Edwards excels at are;

  • Supply chain management in rapidly changing environments:
  • Adapting to fluctuating material availability and delivery constraints;
  • Regulatory compliance across numerous building codes, environmental regulations, and safety standards.
  • Processes that are able to integrate with compliance checks and manage documentation effectively.

Along with unforeseen issues like weather events, material shortages and design changes, JD Edwards can also handle contractual adjustments scope modifications and budget revisions.

Ndevr also has deep experience in the delivery of remote workforce management having successfully delivered the largest implementation of Oracle field service cloud in the Southern Hemisphere.

Why JD Edwards is a Globally Leading ERP for Engineering & Construction Companies

JDE can help you gain real-time insights and optimise costs throughout your project’s.

It’s ability to break down silos and promote seamless collaboration within a single platform while streamlining the management of documentation, automating reports, and simplifying compliance management is unparalleled.

Ndevr delivers services for several globally operating Engineering and Construction company customers, some for many years, and has extensive experience in this industry.

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