Joint Venture Management In Oracle JD Edwards 9.2

Joint Venture Management JD Edwards Engineering

Joint Venture Management is a Module for JD Edwards 9.2

Joint Venture Management is a module for JD Edwards 9.2, and should be of particular interest for companies operating in the following industries:

  • Oil and Gas.
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Real Estate

Note: There is no limit on the number of partners you can have.

There was a presentation recently on Joint Venture Management in JD Edwards 9.2 at the recent Quest JDE digital conference. The information presented on the topic can also be found on Oracle’s website – so we have included the information here for our customers who might be interested in learning more about the module. Source Material at

Using the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Joint Venture Management system, you can manage all aspects of a joint venture, including:

  • Define the joint venture as a legal entity.
  • Define the attributes for the joint venture, for example, the minimum amount to use for payments and invoicing, and the status of the joint venture (whether active or not).
  • Record the list of partners that are approvers of the joint venture and track the approval date.
  • Define the division of interest for the partners in the joint venture.
  • Create and manage cash calls for the joint venture partners.
  • Define the accounts to distribute expenses and revenue among the partners in the joint venture.
  • Calculate overhead and create journal entries for the calculated overhead amounts.
  • Allocate indirect costs incurred by the managing partner to the joint venture business units and create journal entries of the allocated amounts.
  • Retrieve distributable expenses based on the parent child hierarchy for projects and business units.
  • Assign the division of interest to the distributable transactions.
  • Distribute expenses by calculating the pro rata share of each joint venture partner based on the date-effective division of interest.
  • Draw on cash calls for expenses and costs, create invoices to bill expenses and costs that are not covered by cash calls, and create vouchers to pay the partners’ share of the joint venture revenue. Record the share for the managing business unit or other inside partners.

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