JD Edwards 9.2 Continuously Current Code (CCC)

Ndevr supports customers adopting the new Continuous Delivery model for JD Edwards with our Continuously Current Code service, ensuring users always have access to the advantages and features of the latest version.

The release of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 is the last single release of the software, and then continuous releases of software updates will be available every 3-4 months.

Oracle has confirmed that the Continuous Delivery approach will provide users with planned upgrades until at least 2030, and that this model avoids the large, disruptive and often costly traditional approach to upgrades.

Ndevr supports Oracle “Continuous Delivery” with our “Continuously Code Current (CCC)” approach available to all our JD Edwards customers.

Advantages to using Continuously Current Code from Ndevr:

  • Your business can work to a predictable, pre-planned update schedule
  • Updates are delivered faster and more frequently
  • Improvements are implemented faster and more efficiently
  • Your organisation can to take advantage of new functionality faster
  • Risk is reduced because any vulnerabilities are patched by a Tools Update
  • Our process is less disruptive and quicker than a full upgrade
  • Testing is automated and completed in 25% of the effort of manual testing
  • We apply industry best practice and significant industry experience
  • Our experienced team has direct knowledge of your business

The Ndevr CCC Process

To help our customers take advantage of the new Continuous Delivery model, and maintain a current JD Edwards release, Ndevr provide a “Continuously Code Current (CCC)” approach that follows the 9.2 Upgrade and includes:

Application Software Updates (ASUs)
Tools Releases (TRs) in the Continuously Current Strategy

Automated Tools

ASUs deliver new application functionality while TRs deliver new functionality and patches for security vulnerabilities.

In addition to the application of ASUs and TRs, Ndevr will utilise an automated tool to minimise the effort and costs associated with testing.

This automated tool performs object usage analysis, impact analysis and testing and can result in man-hour savings of up to 85%.

Test Scripts Catalogue

To ensure full test coverage for automated testing, both the Ndevr consulting team and your users will generate a defined catalogue of test scripts.

This catalogue is maintained to validate the future use of the test scripts for testing alterations in business processes, JD Edwards features and functionality, or general business process changes.

Automated Process

After the ASUs and TRs are applied the testing tool will be used to automatically run and record the results of the test scripts.

Some manual checking may still be required e.g. contents of interface files, reports and BI Publisher or other form output changes.

Ndevr will work with you to define an appropriate update frequency.

Full Support

As part of our CCC Support, at agreed intervals Ndevr will:

  • Identify all available updates
  • Verify the Test Catalogue is up to date
  • Perform an Impact Analysis and estimate of retrofit effort
  • Apply the updates, retrofit any required modifications and perform unit tests
  • Manage the promotion of the updates to the User Acceptance environment
  • Perform the testing using an automated testing tool and publish results
  • Assist with additional testing where required
  • Promote the updates to Production
  • Go-Live