Oracle Extends Premier Support Commitment To JD Edwards to 2032

This latest announcement from Oracle shows continued dedication to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, as they announced the extension of the Premiere Support Policy for JD Edwards to 2032.

For JD Edwards customers, on version 9.2, this means that their investment in the ERP underpinning their business will continue to receive ongoing development and enhancement for another 11 years.

Oracle’s Continuous Delivery model that comes as part of the Premiere support policy, gives JD Edwards customers the best of both worlds.

Typically SaaS-based systems follow continuous delivery models – releasing updates every 3 to 6 months. However, these updates are automatically rolled out to all customers simultaneously, without choice.
JD Edwards is an ERP system that allows customers to run and configure their systems the way they want. Whether that be in a private or public cloud (of their choice), on premise, or via a hybridised model. This means that when Oracle release updates to JDE, under the continuous delivery model, customers can apply the enhancements in a time frame that suits them.

Oracle shifted to the Continuous Delivery model for JD Edwards in 2015, to relieve customers of the cost and disruption of major ERP upgrades, while also ensuring they would always be able to take advantage of product enhancements as soon as they became available.

Thanks to Oracle’s extended commitment to 2032, JD Edwards customers can confidently continue to strategise and invest in the Digitisation; AI; Industrial Internet of Things; and Automation opportunities that are available right now – and may be coming – for at least the next 11 years into the future, knowing that their core ERP is supported.

JD Edwards customer will be able to do this while maintaining control over their systems, adopting the enhancements they want, in a time frame that suits their business.

Oracle have delivered regular enhancement releases, security updates and technology updates every 3-4 months, since the release of JDE 9.2 in 2015. They have also simultaneously extended the Oracle lifetime Support Policy for JDE 9.2 several times now.

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