Oracle JD Edwards 9.2 Provides the Latest Tools to Set You on Your Digital Transformation Journey

Many Ndevr customers are now upgrading to Oracle 9.2.

The key benefits for the upgrade clearly show why organisations are adopting 9.2 and talking about the positive impacts on their business.

Continuous Innovation, Continuous Delivery Model

With the introduction of 9.2, Oracle has moved to a continuous delivery model for enhancements to JD Edwards.   Under the Continuous Innovation Delivery Model, Oracle will deliver all new functionality to JD Edwards products as updates to the existing release.

This means that instead of a big upgrade every few years, customer will be able to download smaller updates more frequently in order to remain code-current and to take advantage of enhancements with less effort, more frequently.   Customers will no longer have to upgrade to new versions in order to access new features and capabilities

The simplified upgrade approach also means customers only affect objects that have changed.  Therefore, if a customised object has not changed, no retrofit is required.  This has obvious flow-on benefits for the cost of implementation.


JD Edwards 9.2 offers a wide range of mobility applications across all modules.

For example, mobile applications for purchase order approvals, customer account enquiries, and work orders can assist organisations to streamline their internal processes and take advantage of operational efficiencies.

User Experience

JD Edwards 9.2 offers a wide range of enhancements to the user interface including;

  • The ability to personalise forms and grids
  • The ability to combine different forms so that all required information is displayed on one screen (CafeOne)
  • The ability to include external information on a JD Edwards form (CafeOne)
  • Over 50 pre-configured UX One Roles presenting a dash-board interface to JD Edwards including alerts, graphs and applications


Using the JD Edwards Orchestrator, internal or external triggers can be used to automatically alert appropriate personnel to a situation, or even to automatically initiate a process in JD Edwards.

For example, the on-boarding of a new employee could be automated in JD Edwards, including adding the employee address, any HR information, and even payroll information.

The JD Edwards process recorder allows a business analyst to easily set up this process.

Interface to IoT

JD Edwards 9.2 Integration Framework enables simple interfacing to the Internet of Things (equipment, equipment monitors, mobile applications, etc.) using the JD Edwards Orchestrator.

Complementary Cloud Applications 

JD Edwards 9.2 enables simple interface to cloud applications, enabling customers to take advantage of complementary cloud offerings, where appropriate, such as Sales Cloud and PCBS.

Ask the Ndevr team to provide more detailed information on this development.

Reduce Reliance on Technical Personnel

With the introduction of the JD Edwards Orchestrator, CafeOne and Form Personalisation, many customisations can be removed.

In addition, the user or a business analyst can satisfy many new enhancement requests.  In addition to making the system more user friendly, this relieves the pressure on expensive, often scarce, technical resources – providing an immediate internal cost saving for organisations.

Our JD Edwards Upgrade Process

Ndevr has developed a detailed upgrade process that provides our customers with options on how to best approach the upgrade to minimise disruption and ensure they get the most out of 9.2.

As always, our proven approach provides effective implementation and structured training and support delivered by a dedicated and experienced national team.

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