Manage OH&S Obligations and Improve Safety With An ERP

MYOB Greentree ERP for OH&S

Organisations have obligations to effectively administer their OH&S obligations which are designed to ensure they provide a safe working environment that protects, not just their employees, but everyone who may be affected by their business activities. Because everyone deserves to go home in one piece at the end of their work day there can be no compromises with safety.

Greentree provides an OH&S module that can be used by the HR function as part of an overall OH&S approach.

Using MYOB Greentree’s Occupational Health and Safety module, organisations can ensure that when incidents do occur, they are properly managed.

To assist organisations to meet their OH&S obligations, the Greentree OH&S module includes tools for:

  • Incident management and reporting
  • Follow-up
  • External people tracking
  • Return-to-work management
  • Process definition

OH&S Incident Management & Reporting

Visibility of incidents and encouraging complete and accurate reporting are vital in the ongoing management and prevention of workplace injuries.

Greentree provides a repository to input and store all necessary workplace incident information to ensure complete records and provide management with the information that they need – both to deal with individual incidents and also take an aggregated view.

The system tracks the process for dealing with individual incidents, and provides the ability to attach documents and files in any format so that all the relevant information is stored in the one easy-to-access location.

Reviewing and analysing aggregate incident reports, for example on LTI’s and Near Misses, provides management with important information that they can use to take proactive action such as staff training or a change of work processes to reduce the risk of future incidents.

OH&S Follow Up

When dealing with an individual incident, Greentree will automatically trigger follow up actions for correct process compliance.

External Tracking

Using Greentree, managers can keep track of the details of the external people involved, such as witnesses, medical staff, worker advocates, and industrial or government staff.

Return-to-Work Management For Employees

The correct management of rehabilitation is critical for both employee wellbeing and organisational compliance.  Greentree enables the tracking and recording of post-incident outcomes, including rehabilitation and return-to-work plans.

OH&S Process Definition

Using the workflow module, managers are able to define and audit processes that ensure compliance.

MYOB Greentree provides for the more efficient management of OH&S incidents from a HR perspective to enhance employee wellbeing and ensure compliance.

Taking a broader view, the system enables comprehensive recording and reporting of incidents to provide greater management visibility and facilitate a proactive approach to OH&S management.

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