A 10 Step JD Edwards 9.2 Upgrade Process

10 Steps tp Successful JD Edwards 9.2 Upgrade

Based on our substantial experience in delivering JD Edwards Upgrades, we’ve outlined a straightforward 10-step process for JD Edwards 9.2 upgrades, to inform, assist and support customers through the upgrade process and transition.

Many of our customers are upgrading to Oracle JD Edwards 9.2 to take advantage of the latest tools and product features, such as the JD Edwards Orchestrator and CafeOne.  When we work with customers on the management of their 9.2 upgrades we provide options and guidance on how to best approach the upgrade, to minimise disruption and ensure you maximise the value of your investments in Oracle JD Edwards 9.2.

Ndevr places strong emphasis on ensuring we understand our customers requirements and a 9.2 upgrade project is no exception to this approach.

1. Define The Type Of JD Edwards Upgrade And The Scope Of Your Project

Depending on your organisation’s requirements, our process allows you the flexibility to;

  • Do a straight like for like upgrade
  • Introduce changes and improvements to the current system
  • Make use of the new features available in JD Edwards
  • Review your customisations with a goal to remove as many as possible and use standard processes
  • Shift to a cloud-based solution complete with an option to include JD Edwards Managed Services

Regardless of the choice, we ensure your hardware and infrastructure and JD Edwards are up to date with all current security features activated.

2. Plan the JD Edwards Upgrade

We learn about you and your JD Edwards Installation. A considered and structured plan sets out the expectations for the upgrade and provides a framework for the implementation of the upgrade project, with clear action points and responsibilities. Your upgrade isn’t just about zeros and ones, your users will need to use the system too.

Depending on the scope of your upgrade project, our team may work with you to provide:

  • Architecture lab across the entire footprint including improvements in JD Edwards and technology
  • Retrofit/Customisation labs
  • Functional labs if new features are required

3. Install JD Edwards 9.2

Your JD Edwards 9.2 environments are installed and initial migration is performed, ready for the next steps. The data migration is reconciled and an Architecture document provided.

4. Retrofit Any JD Edwards Custom Code

Once 9.2 is installed, Ndevr will manage the process of retrofitting any custom JDE code to work with the new JDE 9.2 installation using various tools to identify modifications within your existing system and ensuring they work with your new shiny version of JD Edwards. We also work with the goal of retiring modifications that are no longer needed.

5. Configuration Changes AKA Application Retrofit

Making use of our own Ndevr Version Compare tool, we ensure the overall configuration is in line with current JD Edwards configuration and best practice. Any interfaces are verified and updated where necessary.

If required, we will configure your system to include any improvements, as well as to include any changes resulting from the retirement of customisations.

6. Migration 2

Ndevr will perform a second data migration complete with reconciliations and timings to support testing.

7. System Testing

Ndevr will run a system test that will include the testing of all interfaces.

8. User Acceptance Testing & Training

You decide the level of testing that needs to be performed to ensure that the new software aligns with business processes and that the system is performing as expected.

Any training on new features and functions is performed during this phase.

9. Trial Go Live

A trial of the go live is performed, including the tasks that will be undertaken on Go live weekend.

Usually these are migration, final configuration steps, and testing steps. The output will confirm tasks, timings and resources required and to ensure the go live runs smoothly.

10. Go Live

Final tasks as per the “go live” run sheet. These will typically include a final go live migration, Production Verification Testing(PVT) and Go Live acceptance.

Your business goes live with your new and improved JD Edwards 9.2, the project is closed and BAU support takes over.

Start Realising The Benefits of Your JD Edwards 9.2 Upgrade!

As always, our experience ensures that you get the right advice and support both in the planning stage and during the JD Edwards upgrade process, to enable you to take advantage of key 9.2 benefits including;

  • Oracle’s Continuous Delivery model
  • JD Edwards Mobility
  • User Experience
  • Orchestrator
  • Interface to IoT
  • Interface with Cloud Applications
  • Reduced Technical Reliance
  • Operational efficiency
  • Support of your digital transformation

Following the successful upgrade, Ndevr recommends a post Upgrade Review at an agreed date to ensure that you, the customer, have achieved all of your planned objectives from the 9.2 upgrade. Most customers develop a “Phase Two Plan” to determine how they will adopt and take advantage of the 9.2 features and benefits.


Understand The Benefits Of Upgrading to JD Edwards 9.2

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