MYOB Greentree HR – Employee Development

Employee Development is an important HR function that supports both organisation growth and staff retention. 

MYOB Greentree provides a comprehensive suite of management tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR function including Employee Development. 

The Employee Development module encompasses tools to manage performance reviews, the training and development program, and remuneration reviews.

Through the Employee Development module, Greentree automates the management process for staff reviews and maintains vital information on staff training, success, and remuneration.

The system facilitates the development of talent within your organisation by both providing the tools to establish and manage a structured review and development process, and by reducing the administrative workload.

The ability, for example, to automatically schedule periodic performance reviews gives staff the confidence that their professional development is being taken seriously and promotes the timely completion of reviews within set periods.

Management benefit from easy access to relevant information such as Key Performance Indicators, job descriptions, and previous reviews that streamline the process and reduce the time taken to complete the reviews.

Greentree facilitates an effectively managed review process and staff development program.  In turn, businesses are able to better plan the professional development of employees to enable their progression through the organisation, and improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Ndevr as a Trusted Partner

Ndevr places an emphasis on making sure that the software we provide delivers what your business needs and we work closely with our customers during the transition.

We provide advice and guidance through the selection and configuration of the system, we have a proven implementation process and offer cost effective packages for full ongoing support.

With experienced senior consultants and a proven track record, we know how to configure your system so it works for your business and structure reporting to give you the information you need.

Our experience extends to the development of new business processes and approaches to make the most of the efficiencies that Greentree provides.

We help our customers by providing a business system that delivers vital information to drive business performance and assist you in making sound, fact based decisions.

For more information on MYOB Greentree or Ndevr, please contact:
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