JD Edwards Manufacturing and Distribution Enhancements run down

New Enhancements in JD Edwards Manufacturing and Distribution

Notes from the JD Edwards Blueprint Conference – Part 2 of 3

Oracle have delivered an array of new JD Edwards manufacturing and distribution module enhancements, which were discussed during the E1 Manufacturing and Distribution User Group meeting. There has been an average of 2 enhancements per month delivered in manufacturing and distribution alone.

JD Edwards Manufacturing and Distribution Enhancements Run Down

The following planned enhancements were of high interest at the user group meeting, so we’ve highlighted them here;

Location Hold Enhancement:

The Location Hold feature allows users to effectively manage holds at a location level. This provides greater control over inventory and ensures seamless operations. Organizations can minimize disruptions and maintain optimal financial performance. The Location Hold enhancement gives users the power to proactively address inventory-related challenges and make informed decisions to enhance financial outcomes.

Safety Stock Automation:

The Safety Stock Automation enhancement automates the calculation of safety stock based on predefined formulae, incorporating lead times and other crucial factors. This capability enables organisations to optimise inventory planning and ensure adequate stock levels to meet customer demands. Improved accuracy in safety stock calculations reduces excess inventory costs while minimizing stockouts.

Planning Summary and Planning Consolidation:

The Planning Summary and Planning Consolidation enhancements provide users with enhanced visibility and streamlined planning processes. Planning Summary delivers comprehensive insights into demand patterns, allowing for better forecasting and resource allocation, while Planning Consolidation facilitates efficient consolidation of planning data, enabling more accurate financial projections, and facilitating effective decision-making.

Manufacturers Realise Operational Excellence with JD Edwards:

The new enhancements provide valuable opportunities to realize operational excellence. By harnessing the Location Hold feature, organizations can streamline inventory management and reduce costs, while Safety Stock Automation allows users to optimize stock levels, reduce excess inventory and potential stockouts. Additionally, Planning Summary and Planning Consolidation enhancements facilitate accurate forecasting, enabling better resource allocation and financial planning.

Upgrading and embracing the continuous improvements offered by JD Edwards ERP ensures that organizations can adapt to changing market conditions, unlocking greater financial success.

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