Enterprise Automation in JD Edwards

Enterprise Automation in JD Edwards: Unlocking Efficiency and Insights

Notes from the JD Edwards Blueprint Conference – Part 3 of 3

The world of finance is continually evolving, and one crucial aspect of this evolution is enterprise automation. JD Edwards has evolved to support technical and business evolution, and is a system that enables large scale, enterprise, digital transformation with a high level of process automation.

The Blueprint conference saw several innovations and ideas from customers and partners on display, however we’d like to give a special nod to Gustavo Barizon who has created Orchestrator Zone.

Orchestrator Zone is a platform where individuals can share orchestrations they have developed. A collaborative space, it fosters innovation and enables finance professionals to leverage pre-built orchestrations, saving time and effort in developing automation solutions. https://orchestratorzone.com.

Other JD Edwards Enterprise Automation Innovations and Ideas

Process Mining and Automation:

By leveraging system processing options and data, users can determine existing processes and identify areas for improvement, simplification, and automation. This invaluable insight will enable organizations to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

Use The JD Edwards Extensibility Framework

The JD Edwards Extensibility Framework is a powerful set of no-code/low-code tools built directly into the product. This framework provides JDE users with the ability to modify the user interface, create custom logic, and add or delete database fields without requiring technical development tools or programming language knowledge. The framework ensures faster development, wider developer accessibility, and easier long-term maintenance, aligning with the benefits of popular no-code/low-code tools.

Oracle highlighted the following improvements and features of the JD Edwards Extensibility Framework:

  • Enhanced Form Extension: The latest release enables the implementation of logic based on the application version in an orchestration. This allows for more granular control and customization according to different releases.
  • Logic Extension: Users can now disable and enable form controls within a logic extension, providing greater flexibility in managing and customizing user interfaces.
  • CSV Integration: While the current process requires some scripting, future enhancements will allow selecting a .csv file as input to an orchestration. The ability to define .csv columns and format them as arrays for processing is also planned, simplifying integration with external data sources.
  • Expanded E1 Page Functionality: Planned enhancements include watchlist tiles, launching other E1 pages from within an E1 page, and incorporating graphics and text for process flow visualization, akin to a Visio diagram.
  • Password Reset: Improved password reset functionality for enhanced security.
  • Enhanced Security for JDE E1 Messages: Strengthened security for JDE E1 messages when communicating with email servers, particularly for Office 365 integration.
  • Activity Tracking: Introducing activity tracking for auditing purposes, including new T terminated status for batch jobs, logging user termination details.

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