Personalisation and Extensibility in JD Edwards – Giving Users More Power

Quest JD Edwards Week, March 2023 – Day 4 Run Down

One of the greatest advantages JD Edwards customers have had, for decades, has been the software’s extreme ability to be customized to suit the business’ needs. With the release of JD Edwards 9.2 Oracle gave users even more power and flexibility with the extensibility framework that gave end users the ability to achieve changes for themselves.

The extensibility framework gave end users the power to make modifications to forms, fields and grids, eliminating the need for involvement with the IT department and doing away with a lot of development projects, lowering cost of ownership, yet again.

The JD Edwards extensibility framework has been a great enabler for end user driven management of the system, reducing technical complexity through the roll out of the Citizen Developer Framework.

Now users have the ability to create new functionality within existing JDE applications using low-code no-code tools that enhance end user experience and deliver additional functionality without customising the system.

JD Edwards Extensibility Framework Roadmap

As you review the roadmap and plan for continual improvement of your systems and productivity, the range and capability of peripheral products, developed specifically for JD Edwards customers, has also continually expanded.


jd edwards extensibility framework roadmap

Overview Of The JDE Extensibility Framework

Dedicated JD Edwards Peripheral Products To Further Expand Functionality For End Users

Our team are continually evaluating a range of peripheral products as our customer’s needs dictate. Products such as ReportsNow, SCANMAN for AP Automation, Board for Forecasting and Demand Planning, RF Smart and AllOut Security have all delivered long term benefits for customers.

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