JD Edwards Upgrade EnterpriseOne 9.2 Latest Release

Now Is The Time To Upgrade To The Latest JD Edwards Release

As Oracle shift delivery of JD Edwards to a CI/CD model this is the last major JD Edwards upgrade you will ever do. Since the release of JD Ewards 9.2, Oracle have constantly over delivered on their promise to roll-out incremental JD Edwards enhancements and updates every 3 – 4 months. Users of JDE 9.2 have benefitted from Oracle’s constant improvements to application functionality, as well as the continuous improvements in things like citizen development enablement.

Transform, Automate and Optimise With The Latest Release of JD Edwards

Game changing features found in the latest release of JD Edwards, such as the Orchestrator, UX One, and the next generation Workflow Studio, allow end users to implement the automation of tasks, design and manage workflows, support testing, and manage the integration of IoT’s and applications for themselves.

The Value Of A JD Edwards Upgrade

Application Optimisation

  • Future proof your business
  • Improve your business
  • Protect your business

Digital Transformation

  • Business process Automation
  • Low/No Code UI
  • Enterprise Integrations

System Automation

  • Reduced need for human management
  • Enterprise Class Infrastructure
  • Continuous Innovation

Continual Release Of Enhancements

Enjoy a Faster Financial Close By Upgrading to JD Edwards 9.2

More than 60 enhancements have been delivered to JD Edwards 9.2 financials module delivering improved auditability, interactive reconciliation, automated notifications and so much more. Get role based pages that highlight key operational indicators, improved reconciliation reports and ease of joint venture management, and integrity reporting.

Automate Processes With Orchestrator, Workflow Studio & The Extensibility Framework

Automation is the hallmark of any modern, intelligent ERP system. Whether you call it “process automation,” “robotic process automation,” “workflow,” or any number of other terms, we move the administrative work from humans to software, freeing up your people to get on with the aspects of their job that will grow your business. RPA also has the benefit of reducing opportunity for error, improving compliance and improving security.

Integration Options for JD Edwards

Essential Reading Before Any Oracle JD Edwards Integration Project

Integrate JDE ERP software using any of the 7 methods outlined in this paper. Authored by Maureen Gunn, we cover the leading integration options for JDE XE through to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2./ Release 22.

JD Edwards Managed Services

JDE XE to 9.2 - Maximum Performance

Go beyond the capabilities of a local helpdesk with 24×7 monitoring, managing performance and problem resolution. Our team maximises the performance of your JD Edwards ERP and accounting software, no matter what version you use, so you can focus on growing your business.

Learn How To Use The Orchestrator

Orchestrator Training For The Whole Team!

Our hands-on interactive training workshops for the JDE Orchestrator train your whole team. We give your staff the level of knowledge and confidence they need to begin implementing your RPA and integration projects.

JD Edwards Strong Future Roadmap

In 2021 Oracle announced that their premiere support model for JD Edwards would be extended out to 2032. An unprecedented far future statement of support from a vendor. Add to that their strong track record of delivering game changing enhancements that continue to cement the place of JD Edwards ERP as an industry leading ERP system across so many industries.

Oracle’s premiere support model gives customers proactive support, access to the JD Edwards Release Information Center, My Oracle Support and the JD Edwards community.

Ndevr complements Oracle support with comprehensive JD Edwards Managed Services, Functional and Technical support, and JD Edwards 9.2 Code Currency services.

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