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Notes from the JD Edwards Blueprint Conference – Part 1 of 3

The recent JD Edwards Blueprint conference saw Oracle reinforce their commitment to JD Edwards, extending premium support out yet again, while also promoting the concept of Enterprise Automation that utilises the information already in your JD Edwards system. (That is the transactional data, process information, audit information etc.)

Furthermore, Oracle is exploring the integration of AI tools into the JD Edwards ecosystem to unlock even greater value for its users.

For those of you new to the JDE user community, The Blueprint conference is an annual event where customers and partners showcase ideas and ways to leverage the tools and technology already delivered in JD Edwards. These insights underscore the immense potential for organizations to harness JD Edwards’ capabilities and drive transformative outcomes.

Enabling Business Transformation with JD Edwards – and AI:

Oracle’s Gary Grieshaber, Group Vice President of Product Strategy, and Paul Houtkooper, Vice President of Product Development, delivered the opening session and emphasised the future direction of JD Edwards.

Clearly AI has become a lot more real to Oracle customers and how JD Edwards users will be able to make use of AI within JDE is front of mind for the product development team. Paul introduced the concept of Edward GPT—an AI tool envisioned to analyse and provide insights into the vast amounts of data within an Enterprise JD Edwards database. This exciting prospect is just another way that Oracle has demonstrated commitment to the continual development of cutting-edge technologies that further enhance the JD Edwards ecosystem.

Oracle have also expressed eagerness to collaborate with customers on real-world AI use cases to address pressing business challenges. Customers are encouraged to reach out to Jeff or Paul if they are interested in participating in these collaborative efforts.

What To Expect in JD Edwards Release 24

Looking ahead to Release 24, Oracle’s strategy focuses on building a robust digital platform with a strong emphasis on Enterprise Automation and Intelligence. Oracle emphasised the key role of Orchestrator and OCI (Oracle Cloud Integration) in seamlessly integrating complementary products into the JD Edwards ecosystem.

Product Update and Roadmap: Release 23 and Beyond:

Release 23 has marked a significant milestone in JD Edwards’ digital transformation journey, enabling businesses to embrace digital initiatives, simplify management processes, and automate routine tasks. Ongoing innovations are now aimed at realising the vision of an intelligent ERP system.

As Oracle plans for Release 24, several application enhancements were unveiled, including;

  • volume-based purchasing recommendations,
  • put location holds,
  • automated safety stock management,
  • simplified auditing of blend management,
  • E1 page enhancements,
  • Workflow monitor improvements, and
  • JDE Update Manager improvements.

Oracle highlighted the future direction of JD Edwards, with research efforts focusing on integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into key processes, as well as autonomous system administration with elasticity, observability, and self-correction capabilities.

Upgrade to the Latest Release of JDE To Benefit from Continual Enhancements

As the JD Edwards platform continues to evolve, businesses have more tools than ever to drive optimised operations, efficiency, digital transformation while Oracle’s unwavering commitment to JD Edwards is evident through the extension of premium support until 2034.

Ndevr have supported companies through numerous upgrades and cloud migrations. We bring unparalleled JD Edwards expertise to the table, ensuring a seamless and successful transition to the latest JD Edwards release as well as a continuously code current service to ensure your ongoing success with the continual release model.

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