SCANMAN – The AP Automation Solution For JD Edwards

Scanman AP Automation

An Embedded AP Automation Solution for JD Edwards That Delivers Rapid ROI

When looking for efficiency improvement within your enterprise, Accounts Payable Automation stands out. AP Automation for JD Edwards delivers one of the fastest and easiest opportunities to deliver ROI. Streamlined and automated invoice processing workflows reduces risk and saves on labour costs.

SCANMAN is an Oracle Validated Accounts Payable Automation solution for JD Edwards customers that automates the time-consuming processes, such as data capture, invoice matching, coding, and approvals, while adhering to your organisation’s specific business rules and processes. The automation of these processes eliminates time-consuming manual tasks, minimizes the risk of errors, and enhances the visibility of the Accounts Payable process, providing real-time access to critical data.

Accounts Payable Automation can deliver JD Edwards customers significant return on investment through manual labour and time cost reduction as well as reducing the risk of duplicate or incorrect payments. Automation can also ensure that vendor benefits such as pay-on-time or early payment discounts are taken advantage of.

Ndevr’s SCANMAN partner solution is an Oracle Validated AP Automation solution for JDE customers, which means that SCANMAN has been rigorously tested to ensure it meets Oracle’s high standards for performance, security, and functionality as well as ensuring it works seamlessly with your JD Edwards software. As well as that, because SCANMAN is an Oracle Validated solution it is supported by Oracle’s world-class customer support.

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Understand How SCANMAN Makes AP Automation Easy for JD Edwards Users

AP Automation for JD Edwards customers that offer’s rapid ROI is available as a 100% embedded Oracle validated solution with SCANMAN.
Don’t take it from us – hear about an Australian customers experience.

In this webinar we discuss:

  1. The value and benefits of SCANMAN as an embedded solution.
  2. Potential efficiency gains & financial control
  3. SCANMAN Demonstration.

You will also hear how Viva Energy are using and benefiting from SCANMAN.

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Scanman Webinar 2023

Our Presenters

Pascal de Kleijn

Global VP Sales  – SCANMAN 

Pascal de Kleijn SCANMAN AP Automation Solution JD Edwards

Pascal has many years of experience in Financial Process Automation and now heads up new global business for SCANMAN, the Oracle validated Accounts Payable Automation Solution for JD Edwards customers.

Sacha Blomer

Director, Marketing


Working closely with our team of JDE experts, Sacha writes the articles, produces the videos and brings you great presenters like Pascal. If you’ve got questions you’d like to see covered in the webinar please get in touch directly

Ndevr Is The SCANMAN Partner For Australia/New Zealand

The benefits of accounts payable automation for customers include faster payments, improved accuracy, better data management, and cost savings. Understandably there was significant demand from our Australian JD Edwards customers for a robust solution.

Over a prolonged period our team reviewed several automation solutions against a stringent criteria which included; ease of use, security and working seamlessly with  It was the tenure of our relationships across the global JD Edwards community that finally resulted in us partnering with Forza as the official partner for SCANMAN in 2020. Forza developed SCANMAN as an Oracle Validated Solution which further added to the appeal of working with the team, as it meant that Oracle had also thoroughly vetted the software.

Ndevr are official resellers of SCANMAN licenses for the A/NZ region as well as offering the full suite of implementation, configuration, training and other related consulting services.

Having now been implemented within several local Enterprise organisations, as well as many global organisations, SCANMAN has a proven track record and growing customer base.

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