JDE: Partner Summit 2018 – Customer Satisfaction

The JD Edwards Partner Summit provided insights and benchmarks around customer satisfaction – are these in line with your organisations expectations? 

User reviews and research indicate that in line with general changes and trends in business, customer expectations for JD Edwards have also changed.  Our experience in the market reflects the findings of the research and global user insights presented at the summit and we’ve provided an overview of how JD Edwards and Ndevr are meeting changing customer expectations.

The research highlighted 5 key expectations that customers have for their ERP.

  1. Customers are looking for more support
  2. Customers want more product enhancements
  3. Customers want less disruption when upgrading 
  4. Customers want access to the latest technologies
  5. Customers expect more choice, control and return

JD Edwards customers are also realising the importance of moving to version 9.2 with around 80% planning the 9.2 Upgrade in the next 12 to 18 months.  At the 9.2 level, customers can take advantage of the latest product and technology advancements that improve user productivity, reduce customisations and streamline integration.

In terms of product enhancements and less disruption when upgrading, as part of the new Oracle approach, the continuous innovation delivery model offered to 9.2 customers means that JDE customers are able to download smaller updates and remain code-current.  In addition to ensuring that customers always have access to the latest features and capabilities, this approach reduces the cost and disruption of a major upgrade.

Additionally, customers have the option of utilising complimentary SAAS solutions (CRM, Field Service, Planning & Budgeting, etc.), the ability to adopt mobile applications and the capability of the Orchestrator to connect to emerging technologies (IOT, AI, etc.). These are the tools that Oracle are promoting to meet the requirements of organisations who want to be competitive and respond to changing market conditions and, in turn, the expectations of their customers.

Oracle has also paid attention to customer feedback around usability and improved user interfaces.  Through JD Edwards UX One, E1 Pages, CafeOne and Form Personalisation, there is less need for customisations and greater flexibility for the user or a business analyst to satisfy many enhancement requests.  As well as being user-friendly this change provides a cost saving for organisations by reducing the reliance on technical resources.  It also enables the changes to be implemented with greater speed and efficiency.

The customer satisfaction research highlighted the need for “trusted relationships” and “partnerships”.  More than ever before customers want to be able to rely on their implementation partner for advice, guidance and support to ensure that they get the most out of JDE.

Why Use Ndevr For Your JD Edwards Upgrade To 9.2

Ndevr has always placed an emphasis on understanding and meeting the needs of our customers.  In addition to the obvious benefits of ease of doing business and being a trusted partner that our customers can rely on, we are committed to delivering improved business performance through getting the most out of JDE.

Beginning with the end in mind, Ndevr documents our customers’ expectations to ensure that the business system meets their requirements and offers the opportunity for real business improvement and return.

Our upgrade process provides our customers with options on how to best approach the upgrade to minimise disruption and ensure they get the most out of 9.2.  We provide advice and experience along with comprehensive JD Edwards training and support to deliver an effective transition and deliver the results that customers expect from their business system.


Upgrade To JD Edwards Latest Release With Ndevr

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