Simplify Services and Asset Management With MYOB Greentree ERP

MYOB Greentree ERP Services and asset maintenance

Effective Management Of Plant & Equipment Maintenance

MYOB Greentree ERP’s Services and Asset Management suite provides businesses with all the tools needed to maximise service levels provided to internal or external ‘customers’ and to effectively manage the diverse needs of plant and equipment maintenance.

The elements of the Services & Asset Management suite include:

  • Service Mobile
  • Timesheets Mobile
  • eService
  • Customer Service

The MYOB Greentree Services and Asset Management suite is useful for both;

  • Internal service & equipment maintenance
  • Equipment & maintenance services providers

Internal Services & Equipment Maintenance Management

  • Managing maintenance schedules
  • Ensuring maintenance is planned & executed
  • Cross functional services, management & reporting
  • Avoiding costly downtime or equipment failures

Management of Equipment Service & Maintenance Providers

Greentree developed the suite to meet the needs of service providers and the system assists with;

  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Managing the allocation of service calls
  • Managing maintenance schedules
  • Logging and monitoring service requests
  • Recording billable hours for technicians

MYOB Greentree is a Powerful ERP Plant & Equipment Maintenance Intensive Industry

A complete ERP solution, all processes are automatically integrated with other MYOB Greentree business functions such as purchasing, inventory, fixed assets, HR and occupational health and safety.

MYOB Greentree, Services & Asset Management – Timesheets Mobile

As part of the Services & Asset Management module, Timesheets Mobile is a tool that enables staff to easily keep accurate timesheets to track and log the time they’ve spent on each job.

Easily configurable to your exact business requirements and built using the latest browser technology, Timesheets Mobile is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Services & Asset Management – Timesheets Mobile Benefits

  • Maximises revenue
  • Enables accurate & detailed billing
  • Easy & intuitive to use
  • Built in reminders & notifications
  • Accessible in office or remotely
  • Summary or Detail

Collect summary or detail data depending on your requirements. Your team can record the total time spent on an activity or service call or log all the detail of start, finish and break times. For longer jobs, the system lets the data be saved at any point, and the user can then return to add more detail before submission.

Easily Configurable

The system lets you configure the input fields based on your billing and reporting requirements and the way your team needs to work. Capture time based on work done, record who completed the work, apply job rates, and record any other key variables.

Format Timesheets Mobile To Your Requirements

Using Greentree Screen Designer, you can tailor Timesheets to work the way you need them to: reorder or hide fields and columns, change labels – its flexible so you can work it your way.

Manage Staff Timesheets Across a Group of Companies

Where staff work for a group of companies, each company is assigned a line in the workers timesheet with the related jobs automatically displayed when selected. This improves both usability and accuracy.

Built-in Reminders

Users are alerted if they’re late with timesheets or too little (or too much) time appears to have been recorded saving important management time chasing up staff and their timesheets or checking for anomalies.


Approvals and Alerts can be used to enable real-time approval as well as managing queries on a line-by-line basis so the rest of the timesheet can be submitted on time.

Summary View

The summary view enables users and management to instantly scan the total hours recorded against the hours scheduled. This function assists in reviewing the accuracy of quotes and estimates and ensures that work is being completed efficiently.

Designed For Field Resource Access – Browser Based

Designed for the field, browser-based access ensures the most timely capture, minute-by-minute, as your team works. This ensures both accurate invoicing and maximised revenue.

MYOB Greentree – Services & Asset Management – Field Service Mobile

Improve efficiency and enable your field staff to work faster, smarter and deliver a better customer experience with Greentree Service Mobile by directly connecting your field staff to MYOB Greentree.

Service Mobile has functionality including;

  • Workspace for service
  • Organisations (Customer Profiles)
  • Contacts
  • Relationship Centre
  • Service Calls & Requests
  • Assets
  • Timeline

Service Mobile is perfect for service teams and technicians servicing either internal or external customers.

Workspace for Service – Information in the Field

Workspace for service gives your field staff the information that they need to do their job when they need it – all at their fingertips and available on the go. The easy to use interface ensures that the information is easy to access and displayed in a way that makes sense to the field team.

Organisations (Customer Profiles)

Organisations contains key information on each and every customer giving your service team everything they need to know about the customer in one easy to search location.


Comprehensively capturing all your customers contact information, including an Activity tab to track more details and Maps embedded to make every contact easy to find.

Relationship Centre

The powerful tool brings together all the activities related to customer and supplier organisations. It provides this information in one place using one system and includes both historical and upcoming information and events to ensure that your field team are on the front foot when interacting with customers.

Service Calls & Requests

This one easy-to-use panel provides a tool for allocating work and for the field technicians to manage their workday. Identify and prioritise work that is yet to be allocated, track each job as it is completed and seamlessly move to invoicing.


Technicians and management can see the equipment that you or your customer owns along with its service history exactly as it is recorded in your system. Records are automatically updated as work is completed ensuring the system is always up-to-date.


The timeline function ensures that you and your field team know the key times and dates for any service work based on your agreed SLAs, regulatory requirements or maintenance schedules. Using the Approvals and Alerts engine, management can build escalations based on those deadlines to ensure that work is scheduled and completed.

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