Oracle JD Edwards 9.2 Upgrade -Vicinity Centres

“One of the biggest advantages of JD Edwards 9.2 is that companies no longer need to budget for major ERP projects. The new continuous delivery model ensures that this is the last major ERP upgrade project that we need to set funding aside for.”

Ian Padgham, General Manager of Enterprise Technology.


An Ndevr customer for over 20 years, Vicinity Centres is one of Australia’s leading property retail groups, with a fully integrated asset management platform and $26 Billion in retail assets under management across 66 shopping centres.

Background To The JD Edwards Upgrade

After completing a broad range of technology initiatives stemming from a corporate merger, Vicinity Centres JD Edwards ERP had fallen 2 versions behind the current release and was due to come off Vendor support. Upgrading to the latest version became a high priority.

Driven by Ian Padgham, (Acting) CIO at Vicinity, the business sought to upgrade from JD Edwards 9.0 to 9.2, to reinstate support version currency, take advantage of an improved user interface, new mobility features, and reduce customisations.

The technical skills of Ndevr’s team, and longstanding relationship between Ndevr and Vicinity Centres resulted in a project that was able to be delivered on time and under budget.

Upgrade Objectives

The key objectives for the project were:


  • Reduce Risk: Upgrade Vicinity from JDE E1 9.0 to JDE E1 9.2 to broaden currency with independent software vendors and component certification
  • Upgrade their JD Edwards Tools Release from to
  • Improve security posture across JD Edwards platform
  • Deploy new JD Edwards security module “All Out Security”
  • Rationalise the number of customisations
  • Integrate with Basware, a parallel project that Ndevr needed to be mindful of the need for simultaneous project delivery.
  • Minimise business as usual interruption.

JD Edwards 9.2 introduces the ability to adopt Oracle’s Continuous Delivery model, which allows clients to implement software updates in shorter cycles, reducing costs, and the business impact normally associated with large scale upgrades.

Ian Padgham, (Acting) CIO of Vicinity said “One of the biggest advantages of JD Edwards 9.2 is that companies no longer need to budget for major ERP projects, the new continuous delivery model, ensures that this is the last major ERP upgrade project that we need to set funding aside for. Our system can now take us to 2028 with regular minor updates.”

Project Overview

Ndevr has been a key trusted partner to Vicinity Centres for many years, providing technical and functional expertise. Of particular note was Ndevr’s expertise and strong track record with the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Real Estate Module.

“Ndevr has been a trusted partner for a long time, they understand our business and industry, they understand our instance of JD Edwards and customisations, and they understand our team” said Ian.

The end users at Vicinity were highly involved throughout the project, thanks to the long-standing relationship and trust with Ndevr’s people, coupled with the outstanding efforts of Vicinity Centre’s internal project team, led by David Harry.

Two other large projects, which had JD Edwards interface touchpoints, were running in parallel to the JD Edwards upgrade project. Cross project team collaboration, and a clear understanding of project interdependence contributed to the overall success of outcomes.

Ndevr’s resources proved their outstanding level of technical competency and business knowledge throughout the project, ensuring a high level of
quality of code retro-fit, resulting in minimal re-work.

JD Edwards Upgrade Outcomes

On the business side of things, one of the biggest benefits to Vicinity is that they no longer need to set aside major ERP upgrade project funding. The ability to adopt the continuous delivery of JDE application functional improvements coupled with technical updates and support through to 2028
ensures security and currency for a long time to come.

For the company’s highly experienced end users the updated user interface is proving popular with simplified menus and a new watchlist feature.

Most importantly, there is a new level of security assurance, that comes with always being on the latest version.

Key Benefits and Features of JD Edwards 9.2

  • Reduced ERP project costs
  • Vicinity will be assured of access to the ongoing improvement to the underlying technical and functional capabilities of JDE.
  • Improved end user experience
  • JD Edwards 9.2 offers a wide range of enhancements to the new user interface.
  • Orchestrator
  • Simplified integration of JD Edwards with external applications, websites, and internet enabled equipment to support and power business operations in the adoption of the Internet of Things.


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